Why are Black women so angry?

Problematic question draws many responses

Carla St.Louis | 2/20/2014, 9 a.m.
Unlike women of other races, Black women are regularly viewed as angry by society. The Urban League of Greater Miami ...

Another aspect of the dialogue that was discussed was the detrimental effects of Black women’s anger in the context of a hetrosexual relationship.

“I do believe Black women are so strong,” said Paul Gayle, a U.S. veteran and the sole male panelist. “They held down the fort for so long that they’re tough. But men don’t like tough women. And ‘tough’ don’t mean ‘strong.’ The softness or gentleness of a woman is what makes a man a man. A man against your toughness won’t work.”

Crystal Goss, a University of Florida graduate alluded to relationships with her comments.

“I am angry because I am categorized,” said Goss. “The root of the problem lies in the root of the question; its problematic. The mis-education of our community is what’s causing anger within women. Because your mother wasn’t taught how to positively cope within a negative environment now you’re prone to that ratio. The very things we accept or condone in our community is what we regret. The man I should potentially be dating wasn’t informed properly on coping in a negative environment and now he reacts accordingly.”

At least 30 minutes of the conversation focused on the importance of healing including counseling and sharing positive energy exchanges with people on a consistent basis.

The discussion was part of Its On Us (IOU), a series of forums on topics pertaining to our community by the Urban League of Greater Miami.

Its next event is scheduled for March and is part two of the topic, “Why are Black women so angry?” and will focus on jealousy between women.

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