Chatter That Matters

Dr. Richard Strachan | 2/27/2014, 9 a.m.
Congratulations go out to Iota Phi Lambda, Inc. Gamma Alpha Phi Chapter and Officers Mary L. Dunn, Chairperson, Ronica Morgan, ...

Congratulations go out to Iota Phi Lambda, Inc. Gamma Alpha Phi Chapter and Officers Mary L. Dunn, Chairperson, Ronica Morgan, Chairperson, Gems and Gents, Joann Jones, Chairperson, Gems & Gents, Helen Reed, and Leann Smith.

The Ritual for the Gems & Gents included dancing while the young people danced in and took a step when


Dr. Richard Strachan

their names were called for recognition: Jakegila Bell, Shanyah Britt, Rayquann Brunner, Jaloria Burton, Da’Cia Cooper, Kyla Diek, Sten’yah Evans, Terrell Fice, Johnnisha Francois, Torrell Hill, Daniel Holmes, Jeremiah Johnson, Marcus Marshall, Elijah McBee, Monica Oliver, Ajani Parks, Juliah Virgil, and Jayvonte Waters.

During the Blacks inventions, the speaker ask them to stand for the inventor. Such as, Sarah Boone, Ironing Board-Walter Sammons, The Comb, Lydia O. Newman, The Brush, Madame C.J. Walker, Straighting Comb, Lloyd P. Ray, Dusting Pan, Garrett Morgan, Traffic Light/GasMask, John Love, Pencil Sharpner, John Standard, Air Conditioning, Alice Parker, Heating Furnance, Tommie Tomkins, Potato Chips, Dr. George Washington Carver, Peanut Butter, Augustus Jackson, Ice Cream, Henry Sampson, Cellular Phone, and Paul Williams, Helicopter.

After the presentation, the guests were served baked chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes, string beans, Cake and Punch, while Dunn thanked everyone for providing such a fantastic afternoon at Bible Bethel Church, especially, the caterer for a well-like meal.

Linda Hayes and brother Kenny took over the house after their mother, father, and Uncle James T. Stanley passed on. Since the both of them are in charge, something is going on from weddings, baby showers, parties, and funerals. Linda informed Chatter that their mother taught them how to take charge and allowed them to have gatherings at the home rather than a club. Recently, Uncle James T. Stanley passed and the both of them agreed to have the funeral at the abode.

It gave people the opportunity to find out exactly what happen and where, because their mother wanted family members around during a tragedy.

Family members came from as far as Vidala, GA., Orlando, Memphis, Sanford, and Miami. Three tents were installed on the front lawn and the repast was enormous with automobiles slowly driving by to check out what was happening. They are still driving by.

After several months of planning for the Retired Brothers Pre-Valentine Celebration, the event went off without a hook. Brown Catering was a hit and the brothers were pleased over their intentions for a good time. Arriving on time were brothers decked out in dark suits with red ties were: Garth Reeves and Barbara Johnson, Baljean and Naomi Smith, Oscar and Mary Jessie, while Oscar asked to sing “Cherry Red,” his favorite blues (he forgot the lyric). But the show went on with all brothers singing the Sweetheart Song. Such as Earl and Alice Daniels, Mack and Sharon Carter, Norman and Estella Cox, Harry and Carman Dawkins, Leonard and Billy Ivy, Stacey and Mary Jones, Dr. Astrid Mack and Bonnie Polite, Henry Mingo, Ric Powell, Johnny and Mary Robinson, Audley Salahyd-Din and Parthena Washington, Ruth Simms, Anthony and Caroline Simons, Charles and Juanita Stafford, Johnny Stepherson, Richard Strachan and Margaret Saunders, John and Annette Williams, Malcolm and Emma Black, Lamar and Dylan, Jimmy and Annettie.

Furthermore, the Byrds took to the floor and their smooth dancing encouraged others to do the same by dancing The Pop Eye to the Wobble. The brothers will duplicate for next year.