Anna Sweeting | 2/27/2014, 9 a.m.
Jennifer Deveaux-Robinson, daughter of the late Ada Mae McKinney-Deveaux and Richard “Rocky” Deveaux returned home a few weeks ago to ...

Jennifer Deveaux-Robinson, daughter of the late Ada Mae McKinney-Deveaux and Richard “Rocky” Deveaux returned home a few weeks ago to attend the funeral of her aunt Edna and cousin Donzaleah.

Regina Davis-Cook, who lives in Columbia, Maryland came to her former home to visit her brother Elston B. Davis, who is a patient at Mercy Hospital. He is recovering from heart surgery. Regina is also visiting her father, Elston Davis and her sister, Annette E. Davis. Regina was here for one week with her family. Miamians were quite saddened to hear of the passing of Frankie Shannon Rolle who died on Feb 10. We will miss you greatly Frankie. In fact all of Coconut Grove and Carver School misses her already. Frankie will always be remembered for her love of people and all of the affairs she and her beloved husband Billy Rolle, Sr. brought back to reality in Coconut Grove. Rest dear friend We will always remember you and Billy for all of your kindness.

Get well wishes along with our prayers go out to all of the sick and shut-ins: Paula Campbell-Stone, Ruth Clarke, Harcourt Clark, Phillip Wallace, Thomas Fisher, Wallis Gordon, Thomas Nottage, Hughie Nairn, Sr., Jessie Piner, Rosemary Braynon, Vernell Evans, Laverne Ingraham, Pauline McKinney, Earl Carroll, Evangeline Gibson, Herbert Rhodes, Willie Reed Williams, Marion Marie Mackey, Whilhelmina S. Welch, Harry Dawkins, Cecil Newbold, III, Thomas Fisher, Louise Cromartie, Ella McKinney, Earl Marshall, and Winston Scavella and Cyrus “Russ” Jollivette.

Saint Agnes exquisite ladies of St. Scholastic chapter joyfully invites you to their Mardi Gras extravaganza Fri. Feb. 21. from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. Come out, bring your friends and have a fabulous night.

Hearty congratulations go out to the newly elected vestry at Saint Agnes Episcopal Church.

Sylvia Sands was pleasantly surprised by her family last Saturday when her loved ones took her to the UTD dinner at Parrot Jungle may you enjoyed many more lovely birthdays Sylvia.

Cyrus M. Jollivette now lives in North Bethesde, Maryland closer to his daughter “Lynn” and of course to be closer to his adorable grands. “Russ” retired after living and working many years in Jacksonville, Fla. I am sure his daughter “Lynda” and her family are very happy to have “Dad” and granddad living closer to them.

Dr. Ronald Burroughs - welcome home Dr. and his wife Barbara are living in their newly bought home in Hollywood. Welcome home Roland and your wife Barbara. Welcome to Florida.