Lozz Dozz digs deep for orphans in Zambia

Buy-1-Give-1 to an orphan collection — unique way to give back

Ashley Montgomery | 1/1/2014, 9 a.m.

Raquel Alonso, a Cape Coral native, has always had a passion for traveling the world to serve others. As a teen and young adult, Alonso traveled to 13 different countries with various organizations serving as an interpreter. During that time, she worked with many kids and gained hands-on experience with a plethora of different cultures.

“These trips fueled her passion to help those kids who were abandoned and orphaned,” her website, lozzdozz.com reads.

Many may ask themselves what exactly does “Lozz Dozz” even mean? Alonso says that she began envisioning how she could make a difference in the lives of the orphans with her skills and talents. She says that she began asking her higher power for a sign and a couple of nights later, she began having recurring dreams about creating a clothing line for kids that could provide orphans with clothing while raising funds to assist with building schools and orphanages.

“The company’s name came in one of those dreams — Lozz Dozz; after some time it finally occurred to me what it meant,” Alonso said.

Love the orphans in Zambia and Zimbabwe/Donate to orphans is Zambia and Zimbabwe is what the company stands for. According to The United Nations Children’s Fund [UNICEF], Zambia and Zimbabwe have the highest orphan population in the world.

The vision directed her to start a clothing line for kids but with a child of her own and recently divorced in 2010, she knew that she couldn’t just jump into a profession she had no experience in.

Alonso began looking into the trend of Social Enterprises as a means to accomplish both a living and an avenue to help the underserved.

Social enterprises are organizations that apply commercial strategies to improve human and environmental well-being of those around the world. Although the companies are for-profit, rather than keeping all the profits, they use funds to aid a cause.

The t-shirt line for children is designed for those between the ages of five and twelve years old.

The Buy-1-Give-1 to an Orphan Collection, where every T-shirt purchased, another is provided for an orphan in need. The shirts are are made for kids five to twelve and printed with fun designs.

“The Orphan Collection focuses on the lofty and rewarding goal s building a state-of-the-art orphanage in Zambia — 50 percent of the profits from every single sale goes towards the $100,000 cost for constructing the center," according to a press release.

“I want to get into the local schools and have children use the t-shirts as one of their annual fundrasisers,” Alonso told capecoral.com.

“If we can provide orphans with shelter,education and clothing it will go along way to breaking the cycle of death that is prevalent in those countries,” Alonso said.

For more information about LOZZ DOZZ, visit their website, lozzdozz.com.