McCullough, Sr.: A self-motived visionary

“My goal is to lead according to God’s word"

Gigi Tinsley | 1/9/2014, 9 a.m.
Martai McCullough

Pastor Martai D. McCullough, Sr. is a young, goal-oriented professional with hands-on experience that he hopes will help him reach the vision of being a great shepherd.

“I want to help the people of God get a greater knowledge of and a deeper relationship with the Lord by feeding them the word of God,” McCullough said.

McCullough was born in Miami and raised in the Brownsville community to the parentage of Mrs. Hilada M. and the late Robert Lee McCullough and has a personal and a spiritual love for the people in that area. He attended Miami-Dade Public Schools

In Sept. 2000, McCullough was ordained as a deacon under the leadership of the late Rev. John Sales, then the pastor of First Baptist Church in Brownsville. From May 2008-Aug. 2009, he served as an assistant to the pastor at Saint James Primitive Baptist Church. In 2009, he was licensed as a minister and served as an assistant to the pastor at Soul Saving Missionary Baptist Church. In 2010, he was ordained and installed as pastor of Brownsville Missionary Baptist Church.

“We have implemented the Young Men and Women of Tomorrow program,” McCullough said. “Our plans are to enlarge the facility to accommodate activities for the children. We own approximately 16 lots and that is more than enough to build on and have space for the children when their mothers come to receive culinary, cosmetic and accounting skills at the projected building.”

McCullough and members frequently refer to themselves as a ‘church walls.’ and will soon begin outdoor services.

McCullough does not receive a salary from Brownsville Baptist Church of Miami, nor does he get the expected “Love Offerings,” each Sunday.

“I work for Mitchell Funeral Home and Orkin as an inspector and make enough to properly take care of my family.

If I want my visions to come to reality, including that of being a full-time pastor, sacrifices must be made,” McCullough said.

“I love my community and the city."

"I know that things can be better and my aim is to help make it better.”