Chatter That Matters

Dr. Richard Strachan | 1/16/2014, 9 a.m.

A new revolution of swing drummers is joining forces to display percussion ability in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Orlando, Jacksonville and Miami. Heading and producing “Drum Shedd” is Wendy Swanson, a well-known recording producer and a member of Metropolitan AME Church, where she is the choir director and local producer under Vernon Miller, pastor, along with Lou


Dr. Richard Strachan

Gillard whose task is to photograph action shots. Wendy had her first program recently by displaying the style of each drummer individually or in pairs, threes and sometimes fours. Among the drummers were Brannon Daves, Robert Adams, Adonnas Jones, Trevon Watson, Turner Lawhorn, and Frances Gillard, assistant. The future star from the group is Brannon Davis, a senior from the musical technical school. Dorothy “Dottie” Johnson, Chairman, Dr. Enid C. Pinkney, President, and Charlyne Tompkins, financial secretary, led the Board Meeting for it’s first meeting of 2014 among Board Members and Advisory. Dr. Edwin T. Demerritte, Juanita Johnson brought to the table: Election of Board of 2014. Members included Dr. Larry Capp, Nykeah Choen, Esq., Juanita Johnson, Ruby Rayford, Dr. Edward Robinson, Cecilia Stewart, and Dr. Richard J. Strachan.

Advisory members included Leroy Jones, Penny Lambeth, Rev. D. Preston Marshall, Dr. Gay Outler, Leslie Rivera, Troy Wright, and Dr. Mary Hylor. Following election, Dr. Pinkney gave her report, which stated a visit by Dr. Roslyn Artist, President, Florida Memorial University. She is new and would like to exert her skills to improve the Historical Hampton House. Following her was an update from the building manager who stated the building is three months and on schedule towards occupancy around the early year of 2015. The announcement brought applause from the board with hope the timetable will not suffer any serious blame. Dr. Pinkney then brought to the table, the importance of attending a workshop design to add quality to the organization.

It also included a document entitled: “A Strategic Plan for the Second Century” The document should encourage questions from members of the board that comprehension will suffice and move the organization to a higher level.