Wholistic Growth seeks cure for childhood obesity

Founder/CEO, Kraig Mchardy, creates internship opportunities for students

Ashley Montgomery | 1/16/2014, 9 a.m.
Seventeen percent of all children in the U.S. are currently obese — tripling the percentage from one generation ago. Well, ...
Members of WGG volunteer their time to elementary students. Photo by: Kraig McHardy

Seventeen percent of all children in the U.S. are currently obese — tripling the percentage from one generation ago. Well, obesity, Founder/CEO Kraig McHardy, says that you have met your match. Bringing the South Florida area the unique nonprofit corporation, Wholistic Growth for Generations [WGG]. McHardy earned his Bachelor’s from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University [FAMU] in


Kraig McHardy and his business partners teaching students the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. The purpose of this organization is to provide multiple avenues for youth to follow that will allow them to receive the necessary tools to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Several educational programs such as tutoring, mentoring and internship/employment services.

The active team of 12 members are committed to directing pre-kindergarten to fifth grade its Healthy Minds and Bodies in Motion curriculum developed by education specialist.

“We offer students a variety of worksheets, games and characters that go out and interact with the children at different schools,” McHardy said. “We truly want the youth to understand the importance of fruits and vegetables at an early age.”

McHardy and his team are currently in the process of collecting all the data that they have accumulated since the curriculum has been introduced in order to show future schools how effectiveness of this program.

“Our dream is to one day be implemented in every school in Miami-Dade and Broward County,” McHardy said.

The program also incorporates physical activity components that are essential to maintaining a healthy body and mind.

“Through the implementation of WGG’s curriculum, children are provided with a firm foundation upon which to build a lifelong love of health and fitness,” Kim McHardy, director of tutoring programs said.

Return on investment

When jobs are scare, create your own. . . and that is exactly what McHardy has done. WGG’s internship program is designed for college students in a wide range of majors, as well as individuals in grades 6-12.

These students will work together utilizing their various skills to publish an online healthy living magazine that is focused on creating awareness for the widespread obesity epidemic that our country faces.

WGG currently has a successful relationship with students and staff at FAMU. Sarah Lee, the internship director at FAMU has connected WGG with several students to be apart of their growing internship program.

“Our internship program is the vehicle and how we come into the community — we utilize the college students to market our ideas while at the same time, allow them to gain experience in their fields and get college credits,” McHardy said.

WGG is excited to announce that they are in communication with Florida Memorial University about implementing their internship program there.

“We have heard from Wholistic Growth for Generation and are highly interested in meeting with them later on in the month to discuss their internship program,” said Sheryl Hampton-Bain, administrative assistant of the career development center at FMU.

“Our online magazine is something that I really want to get started and I believe that it is a unique opportunity that allows interns to improve their writing skills, enhance their employability and increase their knowledge of healthy living as they write articles to be shared with subscribers to create awareness for the deadly obesity epidemic that is destroying the lives of our youth,” McHardy said.

WGG’s internship program is open to any major — such as journalism, graphic design, marketing or nursing. If interested in joining the WGG team contact McHardy via e-mail at mchardy@whogotgame.org.