Chatter That Matters

Dr. Richard Strachan | 1/23/2014, 9 a.m.
Dennis Fruitt, director, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, was asked by Dr. Enid C. Pinkney, Founder, Historical Hampton House Trust, to ...

Dennis Fruitt, director, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, was asked by Dr. Enid C. Pinkney, Founder, Historical Hampton House Trust, to conduct a workshop on “Strategic Plan for The Second Century.” Fruitt was welcomed by HHHT Board including Pinkney, President, Dorothy “Dottie”


Dr. Richard Strachan

Johnson, Edward Harris, from the 5000 Role Models of Excellence, Dr. Edward G. Robinon, Principal, Brownsville Middle School and Dr. Edwin T. Demeritte. Fruitt began his workshop with perseverance, engagement, dependency and finances. His approach got the attention of the group as the group fired back with solutions by forcing Harris to demonstrate how emotion trigger listen. Dena PInkney surprised the group by serving hors d’oeuvres and punch. It really hit the spot and the group was back to work. She also took the time to present a plaque “For Outstanding Service” to Mr. Fruitt. James Fayson with assistant from wife, Margie, orchestrated the King of Club’s 14th annual Black and White Gala for 2014. The objective was to entertain friends from the churches and take care of their expense. And, of course, those friends will reciprocate at our scholarship banquet, at the same hotel, the first Sunday in May. Fletcher Paschal and Ron Butler have the expertise to duplicate the process they have two years in a row.

As the guests dribbled into the banquet room, Fayson looked at the seating chart and gave each one their tables and seats number to facilitate a process of avoiding too much traffic. The cash bar was open for those who wanted to participate and those who responded found a picturesque scene overlooking Miami Beach on a warm day. Music from the Psi Phi band stimulated everyone cocktail was being closed and reopened. The voice of Fayson filled the room as he welcomed everyone and introduce interim Harvey Lockhart to imply “Words of Wisdom,” followed by the introduction of the featured Wanda Williams, Marie Broomfield, and Wandy’s sister, called Starlites. They came on stage dancing waving hello to the guests dressed in black sequin gowns and took the audience by surprised. After the first song, the audience heard “Stop in the Name of Love” followed and the guests fell in love with their demeanor and strongly applauded the closure. Dinner was served and the choice of prime ribs, tuna, or chicken brought a new meaning to the menu. Then, it was dance time and dance leaders: others getting on the dance floor were Mary A. Thomas, Veronica Rahming, Dr. Cynthia Clark and Charlayne Thompkins. Fayson, Demeritte, and Ron Butler took over the raffling and the grand prize was 3 days, 2 nights weekend went to Thelma Wilson/ The final dance included the Popeye, Electric Slide and Wobble.