Chatter That Matters

Dr. Richard Strachan | 1/30/2014, 9 a.m.
Roberta Daniels called my attention to the December issues that needed correction, based on the stats: it should have read ...

Roberta Daniels called my attention to the December issues that needed correction, based on the stats: it should have read not the first State, but the third State


Dr. Richard Strachan

Championship in Class 4A. We apologize for the error. Since that time, Booker T. Washington won the National Championship and its band served as marshals in Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. parade. They received salutes as the BTW Band stimulated the crowd from the beginning to the end of the parade. Here is a piece that was not mentioned: Coach “Ice” Harris had a vision to go into Overtown and preserve the athletics at BTW. His start was cautious and the encouragement was instilled into the players for the past 5 years. He and his staff guided them away from destruction while being sure they receive scholarships to pursue a degree and possibly even to go pro. The fans and alumni are supportive of their efforts, while Coach Harris has the opportunity to build upon a solid foundation he cultivated years ago. May God continue to bless all of them.

The King of Clubs members are still talking about the Black and White Gala. Some of the VIPs included Dr. Art Woodard and daughter, Vanessa Byers, Art and Hyancinth Johnson, Dr. Perry Keyes, Bernard and Mrs. Koons; Dr. Astrid Mack, Dr. Herman Dorsett, Mr. Williams, Dr. Cynthia Campbell, Woodard and Lorraine Vaught, Bonnie North, Evelyn Campbell and Thelma Wilson, winners of the grand prize; Larry and Caroline Adams, Rev. Harvey and Caroline Lockhart and Faye Lockhart, Nelson and Fifia Jenkins, Lila Cobb, Catherin Carter, Staphine Madison; Dr. Edwin T. Demeritte, John and Eleanor Demeritte, Bishop Noward and Ruby Dean Minister Ethel Williams, Rosemary Bethel, Lena Canty, Clifton Williams; James and Alva Maull, Paul and Florence Joseph, Kelson Roberts, Dorothy Patterson, Gladys Johnson, Elizabeth Marshall, Florence Strachan.

Congresswoman Dr. Frederica S. Wilson presented the 2lst Annual Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. Unity Scholarship Breakfast for 124 Role Models at Parrot Jungle. More than 1,000 people attended including fraternal groups, North Miami Beach High Marching Band, Kazah Court No. 117, Daughters of Isis: Adrienne Ferguson, Camcitra Telfert, Chevonne Albury, Lila Gatson, Sylvia Coachman, Dona Lee, Doas Grant, Robin Davis, Mechette Martin, Collette Richardson, Angela Chandler, Sharolyn Turner, Jamila Miller, and Thena Green.

Congratulations went out to toastmasters Dr. Nelson, III, Dr. Rick Holton, Chief Robert Parker and greetings came from Role Models Mayor Carlos Gimenez, Tomas P. Regalado, Katherine F. Rundle, Dr. Wilbert T. Holloway and Alberto Carvalho whose respond exceeded “qualitative.”

More salutes go to songstress Rochelle Lightfoot, Dr. Theron A. Clark, program administrator, and Paul Wilson who brilliantly introduced keynote speaker, Charles “Roc” Dutton, actor and producer. He told the audience about his harsh life and the people who hated him, even his so-called friends.

Inductees into Role Models included for 2014: Charles Dutton, Selby A. Artis, John M. Berry, Roberto Campos, Miami Gardens Mayor Oliver G. Gilbert, Opa-locka Chief of Police Jeffrey Key, Alfred Lewers, Jr, Burger King Corporation, and Darryl K. Sharpton, while music was provided by The Psi Phi Band.