Anna Sweeting | 1/30/2014, 9 a.m.
Wedding anniversary greetings go out to the following couples: Rev. Shedrick and Mrs. Wilma Gilbert, 67 years Thomas and Agnator ...

Wedding anniversary greetings go out to the following couples:

Rev. Shedrick and Mrs. Wilma Gilbert, 67 years

Thomas and Agnator Nottage, 58 years

Linzy and Paulette Hayes, 24 years

St. Agnes had a patronal cruise to Nassau, Bahamas for the weekend in observance of our patronal celebration scheduled for Jan. 26 at 10 a.m. The event celebrates our rector Father Denrick Rolle and the preacher will be DeAngelo Bowe. Please join us if you can. A reception in our parish hall, Blackett Hall, will follow the service.

Last weekend the following people were in Nassau, Bahamas enjoying themselves: Margeret Moncur, Elestine M. Allen, Robin Moncur, Calvina Parks, Paulette Johnson, Sylvia Rolle, Arnett Hepburn, Cupidine Dean, Janell Jackson, Harold and Melony Clark. Cynthia and Cheryl Troutman, Janell Jackson, Ted and Shirley Johnson and many others who enjoyed the island.

Very sorry to hear of the passing of Evelyn Davis-Taylor. Evelyn’s funeral service was on Jan. 18 at St. John Baptist Church.

Get well wishes and our best go out to all of the sick and shut-ins: Wallace Deloris Gordon, Cynthia Bethel, Rosemary Branyon, G. Louise Cleare, Evangeline Gibson, Rev. Shedrick Gilbert, Laverne Ingraham, Bernadette Ingraham, Gladys Moss, Pauline McKinney, Ella McKinney, Barbara Kee, Elizabeth Mackey, Thedore Moss, Hughie Nairn, Sr, Winston Scavella, Leila O’Berry, Veronica O’Berry, Wilmina Welch and Phillip Wallace.

I was very sorry to hear of my lifelong friend, Grace Heastie-Patterson’s demise. We have been friends all of our lives. We sang in St. Agnes’ junior choir for many years together and we remained great friends. Whenever I went to Washington, D.C. We would have a blast. Grace finished wit her classmates from BTW in 1946 and went on to D.C. She married and made Washington D.C. her home away from Miami. Rest in peace, dear friend. I will never forget you.

Another Miamian was laid to rest last week. Dozaleigh Lisa McKinney, daughter of Mildred and the late Henry O. McKinney. Returning home for the funeral from Columbus, Ohio to attend her cousin funeral was Jennifer Deveaux Robinson daughter of the late Ada Mckinney-Devaux and Rev. Richard “Rockie” Deveaux. Inspirational words to both families.

Sometimes the most effective words comfort are no word at all and other times words are needed.

The word comfort means and brings with it many things. The word comfort means to soothe, console, reassure and strengthen.

The act of comfort brings with it cheer, support encouragement, hopefulness, inspiration, relief, and consolation. A good friend makes an effort to comfort another friend.