Kidd's power play backfired

The Sports Brothers | 7/10/2014, 9 a.m.
Folks in NBA circles are shaking their heads in utter disbelief at the way Jason Kidd basically forced his way ...

Folks in NBA circles are shaking their heads in utter disbelief at the way Jason Kidd basically forced his way out of Brooklyn and traded himself to the Milwaukee Bucks. With friends like Kidd who needs enemies? Kidd went to Nets management in a power play not only to have him as head coach but also to give him control of basketball operations as well. There was no opening for that position as Billy King had not submitted a resignation letter. Wow, they smile in your face all the while they wanna take your place the O’Jays once famously sang. Lyrics that seem to fit this situation rather well. After one season, where there were some initial struggles. Brooklyn finished strong and most prognosticators thought Kidd did a decent job as a head coach. 

However the way, Kidd went after control of the Nets basketball operations and it simply rubbed folks the wrong way. This was almost on some street level stuff, you know, gangster style. Kidd was ruthless, and showed no heart in trying and failing to replace his boss, General Manager Billy King, as the big cheese in charge of personnel. The first-year head coach created a situation where something had to change — somebody had to go. That work place was flipped upside down.

Let’s not forget that Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov had invested nearly $200 million in Kidd’s first roster giving him some good talent to work with but for Kidd that was not good enough. He wanted more, he wanted it all. What a spoiled “Kidd”.

“Nothing was ever good enough for Jason,” said one league source close to the situation. I wonder if he believes in karma, I know I do. Jason Kidd is that guy you do not want to visit your house if you are not at home, better watch that guy. Now he will have us believe that Milwaukee is where he always wanted to be, he smiled for the cameras and expressed his incredible joy to be in Milwaukee at the introductory press conference. The Nets have since moved on to the much more experienced and proven Lionel Hollins as head coach. I highly doubt that Hollins will resort to the amateur like intentional soda spill to pull off a late-game timeout. With Hollins as coach the Nets have stepped it up a few notches. Expect them to finish better than sixth in an Eastern Conference that is not even comparable to the battle tested western conference Hollins is used to. Meanwhile, the Bucks coming off a 15-67 season will bring in rookie Jabari Parker and the new man in charge Jason Kidd. By the way who is the GM in Milwaukee again? Watch your back because when you least expect it. . . expect it.