Sonshine Communications partners with M-DEAT

7/17/2014, 9 a.m.
Interns Aniqua Hendricks and Jimmy Mentor are participants in Miami-Dade County’s Economic Advocacy Trust Youth Intern Partnership Initiative.

Summer is here, and Sonshine Communications welcomes college-bound students for a summer experience to sparkle and shine! Interns Aniqua Hendricks and Jimmy Mentor have joined the team and are doing just that and so much more.

Proud participants in Miami-Dade County’s Economic Advocacy Trust Youth Intern Partnership Initiative, the two have carved a niche of their own creativity and style and fit well with the Sonshine brand and corporate culture.

“We are so blessed to have two talented, dedicated and focus-driven young professionals here with us,” Bernadette Morris, president and CEO of Sonshine said. “They are a breath of fresh air and are working to gain insightful experience in our creative profession.”

Aniqua, 18, is a graduate of Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School. She will attend Florida State University this fall and plans to major in psychology and minor in criminology. “My dream career is to be an actress or a songwriter,” Aniqua said. “But my practical career is to be a lawyer, in order to have something to fall back on.”

While at Sonshine, Aniqua is working on brand development with social media for some of the agency clients. She’s also going on location for raw video footage and has been instrumental in creating new and innovative Instagram projects for the agency.

Jimmy, 17, is a recent graduate of Mavericks High School. This fall, he will be attending the School of Audio Engineering (SAE). From there, he will study audio production as he perfects his talent and craft.

His projects at Sonshine include audio development and support on company projects. He and his colleague have also helped record and serve as talent on scripting for client projects. “It is so exciting to see a project from start to finish,” Jimmy said. “There’s so much involved in every second and you have to be sharp and innovative throughout.”

When asked on the value of internships, both Aniqua and Jimmy express their heartfelt thoughts. “Internships provide a great opportunity to help you to become a well-rounded person — and it is loads of fun too,”Aniqua said.

“I am really enjoying my time at Sonshine Communications,” Jimmy said. “Interning is a great way for someone to acquire many different professional skills that will be beneficial in the future.”