Top Stories This Week

7/18/2014, 9:27 a.m.
Top stories affecting South Florida's Black communities.

1) Churches unite against crime following shooting of popular pastor


Pastor Vincent Spann held a vigil outside City Market in Liberty City.

Religious leaders urge residents to take action against random shootings that have gripped their neighborhoods with fear.

2) Programs help Blacks in danger avoid cuts in county budget proposal

Commissioners debated whether or not raise to property taxes to prevent cuts in libraries, programs and other critical services that impact the Black community.

3) NAACP seeks to register South Florida voters for upcoming elections

NAACP, as part of Freedom Summer voter registration effort, is targeting the over 90,000 eligible but unregistered voters in Miami-Dade County.

4) Urban schools score top grades on state's assessment test

Alberto Carvalho praises the efforts and academic performance of educators and students in the nation's fourth largest public system.

5) South Florida's Black female executives moving up corporate ladder

The Miami Times engages in real conversations with Black women executives with tried-and-true track records of balancing life and sustaining successful careers.