Service at new address for Mt. Tabor

Gigi Tinsley | 7/31/2014, 9 a.m.
Last Sunday was very hot and sweltering, but in spite of the heat, hundreds of individuals came, from far and ...

Last Sunday was very hot and sweltering, but in spite of the heat, hundreds of individuals came, from far and near, gathered on the 7th Avenue Corridor, to dedicate Mount Tabor Baptist Church’s new sanctuary at 10500 NW 7th Ave. They all wanted to be a part of Miami-Dade County’s religious community’s history.

While the people waited in the foyer, overflow area and outside in the heat, Pastor George E. McRae came to the entrance to the sanctuary inside the foyer and said:

“Having been prospered by the good hand of our God, and who enabled us by his grace and power to complete this house of worship to be used to the glory of God, we stand before these doors and his holy presence to dedicate this building to him.

To the glory of God our Father, from whom comes every good and perfect gift;

To the honor of Jesus /Christ, our Lord and Savior, Redeemer and King;

To the praise of the Holy Spirit, our source of light and life. The people said, Amen.

March into the sanctuary

The processional of choirs, pastors, Commissioner Jean Monestime, District 2; trustees, deacons, officers, guests, and members entered the nearly renovated sanctuary to the singing of the Negro Spiritual, "Great Day."

The call to worship was by McRae, welcome by Chloe Jenkins, occasion by Tyra Gilchrist and the greetings from a sister church and neighbor, Reverend Richard Paul Dunn, II, the pastor of the Faith Community Baptist Church at 10401 NW 8th Ave.

“I am very happy for my friend, Pastor McRae and I love the amphitheater layout of the sanctuary.”


The keys to the new sanctuary were presented to Pastor McRae by William Dozier and the building by Solomon C. Stinson, the chairman of the Board of Trustees.

The Litany of Dedication was lead by Reverend John Taylor.

Commissioner Jean Monestime, District 2 of Miami-Dade County presented a plaque to Mt. Tabor and McRae received it. After the dedication service the members and guests discovered that Monestime also blessed them with delicious cupcakes on behalf of District 2.

“Welcome back,” Monestime said to Mt. Tabor leaders and members during the service.

“In 2011, when the redistricting took place, Mt. Tabor was placed in District 3. The acquiring of your new church home on 7th Ave. and 105 St. puts you back into District 2.”

The dedicatory message was taken from I Kings 8:37-43 and entitled “God Answers Prayers.”

The essence of the sermon was, “when you have a problem and need some relief, take it to God in prayer,” McRae said.

“In Palatka, men and women would drive all night and half of the next day to see who we called the Root Worker. Don’t run to any man or woman when you are in trouble. Go to God in prayer and he will help you.”

During the Invitation to Discipleship, “two ladies joined the Mt. Tabor church family,” announced McRae.

“God is a good god,” McRae said. “He has brought us from a long way. We give God all the honor, glory and praise.”