Chatter That Matters

Dr. Richard Strachan | 6/5/2014, 9 a.m.
Congratulations are in order for John McMann, director of the Miami Central Marching Rockets for providing the community with its ...

Congratulations are in order for John McMann, director of the Miami Central Marching Rockets for providing the community with its Annual Band Concert, last Tuesday, in the school’s auditorium before a capacity crowd of students, staff and parents. McMann took to the mic and informed the people waiting for the beginning to watch the first dance will be “The Pledge of Allegiance” through hip-hop music with dancers from Miami Central and Turner Tech high schools. The groups used the stage carefully as they maneuvered to excite the dancers. Then McMann took to the mic and announced the entrance of the dancing cheerleaders, majorettes, flag-poles and the full band. The band complemented the groups with black on black two-piece suits.


Dr. Richard Strachan

The band worked real hard preparing for this night and it paid off with proper intonation, movements, balance sounds, articulation, and other adjectives. There are a thousand move in a dance, and the Majorettes used over that number for perfection. In addition, Keith Wilson was picked out as a terrific choreographer and his leadership should put him on a stage in New York, while Dellic Jake Brown directing should get him a full-time scholarship to Bethune-Cookman or FAMU.

McMann closed out his program by remembering people who assisted him over the year: Alumna Abraham Bonanm, (Class of ‘13) Coach Bryant, Elvis Paschael, Former Band Director at American High, and Dr. Richard J. Strachan. Dr. Enid C. Pinkney, Founder, Lemon City Cemetery, Dade Heritage, American African Committee, and HHHT (Historical Hampton House Trust provided a “Fundraising” with board members buying a table of eight to complement the amount. As Yet, the organizations are going to fill the room, as promised.

Entertainment was provided by the Psi Phi Band from the Hampton House, and featuring Patricia Bryant, Lonnie McCartney, Pat Jackson, and Charlayne Thompkins. The Site was Church of the Open Door, 6001 NW 8th Ave. Icons to be recognized are Jeffrey T. Gilbert, Senior Security Director, PepsiCo, Agenoria T. Powell, Principal, K-8 Center, and Henry L. Coaxum Jr. CEO and President, Coaxum Enterprises.

The name John Williams is not as popular as LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh, however, he stands with Stan Allen and R. T. Fisher, the trio of retired Omega Psi Phi Brothers that “departed to serve” Bethune-Cookman University. And, of course, John led the list by being promoted to assistant principal and finally Principal at Edison Elementary School. John never forgot his love for Bethune by running for National President and serving for two years, from the position of Dade County President of the Alumni Association. He also added Life Membership for $1,000, while getting a grant for the Lamplighters and envisioning special funding from $100 to $1,200 from retired brothers organization. The total amount paid to Allen, Fisher and Williams total $50 used to pay the bills that accumulated over the years. More donations are being collected to stay apprise of the deficit. So, Brothers energized and gave.