Young author striving for greatness with latest book

Zachary Cross planning to release more stories

Miami Times staff report | 6/5/2014, 9 a.m.
Zachary O. Cross, 22, holds his latest book "Welcome to the Exclusive Zone".

With his latest book, 22-year-old Zachary O. Cross seeks to stimulate the hearts and minds of readers by introducing them to the exclusive way of seeing themselves and everything else around them. Welcome to the Exclusive Zone: Equip your mind and all else falls into place. Covers nearly all the bases in the foundation of an individual’s daily walk, from identity, giving, positivity, finances, plus more. “It is my hope that every reader [will]


Zachary O. Cross, 22, holds his latest book "Welcome to the Exclusive Zone".

obtain a new mindset towards his or her life,” states the author. “[I hope] that they will make the decision to walk exclusively with love, boldness, and priceless character. We are all equipped and capable of anything, and the moment we accept and receive this truth the fulfillment of our visions, purpose, our true happiness, and true success becomes obtainable as well.”

Along the way he has managed to express himself through many gifts and talents from singing, dancing, teaching, writing, speaking, teaching, acting, a love for people, to his personal favorite of including his heart in everything he does. “I choose neither to label nor title you or myself because we are both capable of All great things. For that my only title is Zachary Cross, what’s yours?” A young man whose number one motto in life is to “Go hard or don’t go at all” feels that anything is possible once you’ve declared it.

When asked whether or not he felt his book, his outlook, or even his story was newsworthy he replied saying “To be honest, we are all newsworthy.

I have a process, you have a process, and so does everyone else.

Just so happens that with process comes a story, ideas, and growth.

Allowing an opportunity to receive something positive from every single person we come into contact with. As far as the book is concerned, it’s an idea given to me through my process that assists others in activating ideas in their very own lives.

The first book of many more steps towards his vision’s success he says.

Number two is already in the making along with ideas for movies, seminars, and other things he wants to accomplish. “I pray for opportunities, so it would be crazy for me not to step into them when they come," Cross said.

Anxiously, many people are waiting patiently to see all that he has to offer the world. If you don’t know him now, you soon will.