Chatter That Matters

Dr. Richard Strachan | 6/12/2014, 9 a.m.
The wedding ceremony for Antonio A. Holley and Delores Green was held at Newport Beach Side Hotel & Resort, Sunday, ...

The wedding ceremony for Antonio A. Holley and Delores Green was held at Newport Beach Side Hotel & Resort, Sunday, May 25 on a makeshift arc decorated with sea items on the sand of Sunny Isles, while Jeffrey Townsley serenaded the crowd on his saxophone as the bridal party carefully eluded the sand as they walked from the hotel to the selected area.

Leading the entourage was Reverend Joanne Sanon, Minister, followed by Antonio A. Holley, groom, Charlotte Green, mother of the bride, entrance of bride’s aunts: Jeanette Sanders, Betty Sanders (anchored by love)


Dr. Richard Strachan

Kenya Brown, First mate, Arionna Holley, daughter, and her captains, Amir Johnson, and Paris Mitchell, Simon Dey, Michael King, Antonio L. Sanders, and Kieran B. Green.

The bride was escorted by her father, Ozell Green Sr. attired in a gorgeous lace gown complimented with a tiara, extended earrings, and a gold emblem of beauty, followed by the bridal ceremony from the pastor and the “jumping over the broom” which brought a loud “yes” by the audience and relatives from Albany, GA such as, Antoma Miller, Samuel Satler, Rufus Ellison, Rayla Alcisson, Trenice Brown, Arthur Brown, Arither Brown, and A. Holley. It was a special sight to watch while the bridal party lasted all day and the honeymooners tossing sand.

Dr. Enid C. Pinkney sat down for three hours, observing the outcome of The Historic Hampton House Community Trust Inc. Funding Program before she began by shouting loudly, “I’ve been working on this project since 1992 and I want to thank God for leaning on me and my parents for raising the futility of my progress. She, surreptitiously, indicated how much her theme meant to her Honoring Miami’s Home Grown Achievers: Jeffry T. Gilbert, Senior Security Director in the PepsiCo Global Security for Latin America; Angenoria T. Powell, Principal, Linda Lentin K-8 Center; and Henry L.Coaxum Jr.,CEO & President of Coaxum Enterprises, Inc.

A new EMCEE has moved from the piano to telling jokes. And, of course, it’s Dr. Edward G. Robinson, Principal, Brownsville. He was as smooth as taking control of the keyboard, as he introduce the participants on the program such as The Rev. Dr. Errol J. Harvey, The honorable Dorothy “Dottie” Johnson, Commissioner Audrey M. Edmonson, Russel Benford, and the comic of Althea Tate, while closing out for lunch by the flutist, Patricia Bryant, who thrilled the crowd.

After lunch, The grown up achievers took to the podium. The first speaker was introduced by his sister, Janelie Hall. Jeffry T. Gilbert is director of Public Affairs Miami-Dade County Correction & Rehabilitation Department. He is responsible for managing PepsiCo International’s Security and business continuity programs across Latin America and the Caribbean.

Gilbert is a graduate of Hampton U. and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Relations and attended the International Security Management Association (ISMA). Agenoria T. Powell, Principal, was introduce by Rev. Gardenia Bulluck who is Co-Founder of Champions of the Field. Powell currently serves as the principal of Linda Lennin, K-8. She’s an alumna of Florida A & M., and has a Master’s from FIU and is married to Louis F. Powell, Jr.

Coaxum founded three McDonald’s franchises and has grown in both scope and depth and now operates seven restaurants in the city of New Orleans.

Kudos go out to the Paschal Family for their participating in the King Of Clubs of Greater Miami Fund Raising and today. They emulate a close family, such as, Agenoria Paschel, Mother, L Louis Powell, III, Fletcher Paschal III, Rozalyn Paschal, Delvin Thomas, Elvis Paschal, Ja’ Sha’ya Paschal, Karu Powell.

Caroline M. Reed, secretary, Miami Northwestern Class of ’59, was spotted at Michael’s celebrating birthdays for February, March, April, & May. Attendance included James Tullis, Audry Williams, Inez Rosier, Annie Bostic, Carolyn King, Joyce Boswell, Lewis Williams and wife, Ann Gerald Joseph, Howard Minter, Charles Taylor, George Johnson, and Wayne Bass.