The final chapter

JET magazine releases its final print issue

Miami Times staff report | 6/12/2014, 9 a.m.

After 63 years of gracing the coffee tables of American homes and barber shops, the iconic JET magazine bid farewell to millions of Black readers with its last issue that hit the stands last Monday.

The cover of the magazine pays tribute to its past, with the likes of Black icons whose faces made it to the cover over the past six decades. Inside, the magazine takes readers down memory lane with nostalgic stories and images dating from 1951 to the present.

Even as a small publication, JET, which was founded in 1951, was hugely instrumental during the early civil rights movement. Generation after generation, the national magazine remained faithful to its audience and was triumphed as a staple of Black news and entertainment.

“For those who grew up with the magazine, they will find this issue is a collection of treasured memories, and a younger audience will see it as the guide that reveals the cultural influences of today,” said Linda Johnson Rice, chairman of JET’s publishing company.

Readers can flip through the pages of the mini magazine one last time to find a letter from the Obamas, a montage of favorite JET beauties,retrospective style inspiration and coverage of Black history.

But the years of flipping through JET’s pages are gone as JET’s motto “If it isn’t in JET, it didn’t happen” will no longer apply to printed issues. “This issue serves as the final bow to everything JET has done over the years,” stated Mitzi Miller, former editor-in-chief of JET magazine. “I’m excited to see JET now continue this tradition.”

Management at JET hopes to keep content at fingers’ reach with the launch of a weekly app expected to be released June 30.

Readers will then be able to catch breaking news, entertainment, pop culture and politics by using tablets or other mobile devices.