Harvest Reapers Int’l school hosts open house

Gigi Tinsley | 6/12/2014, 9 a.m.
Before 12 p.m. on Saturday, June 7, prospective students of Harvest Reapers International School’s newest location at 2387 N.W. 54th ...

Before 12 p.m. on Saturday, June 7, prospective students of Harvest Reapers International School’s newest location at 2387 N.W. 54th St., were busy filling out application forms, as others hurried to be in the building at the scheduled starting time of 12 p.m.

“We are an International school of Ministry,” Founder Apostle Howard Akins, Jr. said. “We began in 2012 and to date have proudly licensed and ordained over 200 students.”

The “uniqueness about HRIS is that it offers a six-week program that covers courses in Biblical Studies, Five-fold Ministries, World Religions, Christian Counseling, along with other topics,” Akins added, “And in just six weeks, we afford students the ability to become licensed and ordained on a national and international level.”

HRIS’s staff has over 100 years of combined educational and ministerial experience. And according to Akins, those experiences will be used to assist students to succeed in their endeavors.

The school in Miami will be under the leadership of Director Prophetess Annie Temple. Reverend Lakeisha Thomas is the administrator for all three schools.

All instructors are graduates of HRIS in Broward County and according to vice-president Jermaine Green, “Our schools are structured to help direct people towards their Christian goals of ‘studying to show themselves approved, a workman that need not be ashamed.’ The harvest is plenty but the laborers are few. Our aim is to develop great laborers.”

Ready, qualified, staff

At 12:20 p.m., Temple gave the “welcome,” introduced “the ready, qualified, staff” and gave each one an opportunity to speak to the prospective students. The topics she will teach are: “Forgiveness, renewing your mind, and prophecy.”

Akins stated that attending HRIS has many benefits. “One is having a license and being ordained on an international level, which gives the graduates the legal privilege to function in and outside of the U.S.”

In addition to the ministerial courses, “HRIS will offer a course in life coaching. Those graduates will be able to go into public schools and juvenile justice institutes and help in re-directing students who have gotten off on the wrong academic and social tracks,” Akins said.

The topics Akins will be teaching are: Performing weddings, funerals, and family christian counseling.

Apostle Gillian F. Rumah, a local television and radio personality, is a member of Lift Jesus Higher Apostolic Church and will teach on Prayer and Leadership. She gave her acronym of P.R.A.Y.E.R: “Power Released As You Enter the (Spiritual) Realm.”

Elder David Lennon’s topic will be love. He said, “If you don’t have love, you don’t have anything.” He expounded for a few moments on the benefits of loving and being loved.”

Green will teach on praise and worship and assist in coordinating other subjects.

Pastor Michael Weston, the spiritual leader of the Harvest Reapers Church at 884 S.W. 27th Ave. in Ft. Lauderdale is a dynamic young man, who along with his wife, LaShawn, believe that their “mandate is to instill in others God’s plan that none should be lost. That God has made a plan for any who want to can be reconciled back to God through Jesus Christ.”

Minister Kourtney Wimberly, also a graduate of HRIS, the media and public relations director said, “When I first got to Harvest Reapers, I was broken but knew I had purpose. I even brought my baby to class when I couldn’t get a sitter because I was determined, this time, to let nothing stop me. Harvest Reapers, Apostle Akins, Elder Clay, and the six-week accelerated teaching style had recharged and reignited the dunamis power of God in my life. I‘m so glad to be apart of this great move of God through this school of ministry.”

For those wanting to get more information on Harvest Reapers International School, call Prophetess Temple at 786-546-4782 in Miami or Rev. Green at 786-285-5611 for Broward County.