Integrity needed at North Miami City Hall

Miami Times Editorial Department | 6/12/2014, 9 a.m.

When she ran for mayor of North Miami in the city’s election last year, Lucille Tondreau’s campaign slogan was “I Love Lucie”. It was a catchy phrase that caught on to voters who elected her as the city’s first Haitian-American female mayor. It’s too bad her term was rocked by scandal last month after she was suspended from office for allegedly running an $8 million mortgage scheme.

Whereas Tondreau’s fall made headlines around South Florida, her arrest cast a glaring spotlight on a city still reeling from the corruption of previous administrations. As the city prepares to enter mediation talks to keep the world-renowned Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) from bolting to Miami Beach, Tondreau’s humiliating exit has further weakened the power and credibility of a city in need of positive images.

Tondreau’s problems are nothing new to City Hall. Many candidates and former officials in North Miami have enough spotty records to write a sultry Hollywood script. While it may be entertaining to watch the political circus, in reality city hall is becoming a joke.

Over the years, Haitian-Americans in South Florida have achieved professional jobs and college degrees and have populated North Miami with their culture and heritage. With these achievements, the City of North Miami, especially the Haitian-American population should demand better representation and show it at the polls in August.