Top Stories This Week

Chloe Herring | 6/19/2014, 9:07 a.m.
Top stories affecting South Florida's Black communities.

1) A civil rights trial in Miami is underway involving two Miami-Dade police officers who killed two Black males in 2007

Civil rights leaders are closely following the trial involving two police officers that shot and killed two Black men seven years ago.

2) Belafonte Tacolcy facing an uncertain future with financial problems and instability

A story of financial woes unfolds as chief executive officer of the Liberty City agency is ousted for questionable leadership and mismanaging the group's funds.

3) City of Miami installing surveillance cameras in Overtown, Liberty City, Little Haiti

Up to 400 cameras are expected to be installed in Black neighborhoods all over Miami, but local lawyers are challenging the plan's intentions.

4) Community leaders, colleagues give grand sendoff to retiring Jackson Hospital executive Sandy Sears

With a career spanning several decades, Sandy Sears witnessed the segregation and the subsequent years that saw the hospital ascend to leading roles in the realm of public health.

5) Footprints Across Haiti drive to help victims still suffering after earthquake in Haiti

One local police officer-turned-philanthropist helps Haitians take a step toward recovery by asking South Florida to donate a crucial item.