Faith Center opens apartment complex

Building in the heart of Liberty City will provide low-income housing to veterans, those with special needs

Gigi Tinsley | 6/23/2014, 12:04 p.m.
The three-story apartment building at 6020 NW 13th Ave. in Liberty City has been transformed from a rundown eyesore to ...
L-R: Cuttingribbon-Guigui Daniel, Allouche Remy-Jeacob,owners; Commissioner Keon Hardemon, District 5; and Rev. Vincent Spann, pastor and director. Photo by Christine King, Esq.

The three-story apartment building at 6020 NW 13th Ave. in Liberty City has been transformed from a rundown eyesore to a beautiful desert sand, terra-cotta colored complex. The courtyard has been paved and painted black, six patio tables with large umbrellas are strategically placed in the courtyard and in the center on the pavement, there is a large circle bordered with white that has in its the center the words “Jesus Christ.”

When asked by this reporter, What does it mean?” Reverend Vincent Spann, the manager/director of the complex and Pastor of the Power, Faith and Deliverance Center said, “Everybody that I am involved with knows that I place Jesus Christ in the front and center of whatever is going on.”

Spann has been in the “helping people” business for more than 21 years. “I’ve learned a lot in those 21 years,” Spann said. “Working with people in this type business (addicted individuals) you will make some mistakes but the thing that makes me come out on top, always, is my love for people and God. I also know that I can’t get to God unless I have a great relationship with his son, Jesus Christ."

“I come down this street three or four times every week, and let me tell you, this place is like night and day,” Norman Walker said, while his friend, Rickie Johnson, shook his head in disbelief.

For a long time, this was just another one of those buildings left to deteriorate in the Black community. But that pastor has really made a difference around here.”

Gabby Fortune said, “Individuals standing right in front of this building and had not traveled through some of the areas would not believe they were in the heart of Liberty City. Man, this is something to see.”

Walker, Johnson and Fortune are looking at the results of somebody else’s great vision for this community. “Our main objective is to possess the land. We are not asking for it, we are not just praying for it, we are taking it back,” Spann said.

“This building can hold 80 people and the Apostle’s Table, the dining room at 1375 NW 60th St. can feed 30 people at a time. Shirley Griffin, the cook prepares fantastic breakfasts, lunches and dinners for our renters and a few ‘drop-bys’. We serve from 100-175 people a day and this is just another beginning,” said Spann and confirmed by Allouche Remy-Jacob and Guigui Daniel owners of the complexes,

In March 2014, Spann called this reporter to “give you a heads up about what we are doing to help this community.” We met with Remy-Jacob, Daniel and Eli Boozaglo, another investor to see how far they had gotten with the project. Today, they have completed the renovation, painting, decoration and all the required licenses. June 11, was the Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony.

On hand to cut the ribbon, formally open the complex and meet about the possibility of acquiring the building at 1241 NW 61st St. were: Commissioner Keon Hardemon, Daniel, Remy-Jacob, Christine King, Esq. director of the Martin Luther King Economic Development Corporation, Inc. at 6100 NW 7th Ave. and Anthony Tate, Program Director.

According to Daniel, “We made the correct choice when we met with Rev. Spann. We didn’t know what to do with the building but Rev. Spann knew right away what this area needed. He is a caring, concerned man.”

Remy-Jacob concurred with Daniel. “When I first met Rev. Spann, I knew he was the one we wanted to invest funds with. And Tony Tate, (Anthony), he is a superb person. He’s people oriented and very concerned about people in this community.” Interested persons with drug depended habits and veterans in need of an adult living facility are asked to call Pastor Spann at 786-306-4186.