Chatter That Matters

Dr. Richard Strachan | 6/26/2014, 9 a.m.
Icon Wilfred James (George) McKenzie, 89, retired surgical tech at the Miami Veteran’s Administrative Hospital, died June 3. His memorial ...

Icon Wilfred James (George) McKenzie, 89, retired surgical tech at the Miami Veteran’s Administrative Hospital, died June 3. His memorial service was held last Thursday at Range Funeral Home where his daughter, Lynette McKenzie, greeted those in attendance, such as friends, and neighbors. Those in attendance were: Martha Day, Nancy Dawkins, Fr. Garret, Church of the Incarnation, Dr. Fred and wife, Juanita, Dr. Enid C. Pinkney and husband, Frank, Dr. Edwin T. Demerrite, Charlange Thompkins, and Kenshawn, and more.

He will be missed by the organizations as well as grandchildren Sharne Solomon, Kenshawn Ferguson, Brandhilda Moore, Victor and Grace Morley. During the memorial, Carmel Clarke took snapshots of her favorite Sunday School Teacher who taught her for 20 years.

Dr. James H. Salley of Africa University was the guest speaker. In his speech, he articulated his South Carolina heritage by asking those for that state to stand up and be recognized. Thirty members in the university choir stood, as he danced with the gait of the music. A full church had been waiting for an hour to become immersed in African music. The opening song did not take anything away, but added to what was about to be revealed.

Dr. Salley really sold the university and introduced methods on how to fundraise, while he connected his association with Mr. Capers, which started 20 years ago. He articulated the choir travelling to Baltimore, Washington, Peninsula, North Alabama, Dakota, Mississippi, Western North Carolina, Iowa, Florida, California, Nevada, the Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone and other places.

From my vantage point, Dr. Salley pointed out his responsibility for improving the university was increasing fundraising. Under his leadership, the university has grown from 40 students in renovated farm buildings to 1600 students with more than 4,000 graduates, 35 modern buildings with no debt and from $300,000 to $50 million dollars and capital growth with more than $100 million.

His observance of what Ebenezer UMC has shown him in his topic. “Walk In The Light” he demonstrated the positive reverence in the congregation by not adding hate no conversation, just love and more love. At the end, he received a standing ovation and multiple hand shacks, as the choir eclipse movements never performed in the church, and of course, it was unique.

An update regarding Johnathan Parks was seen with his father, James Parks, an office at Greater St. James. MBC. Johnathan informed “Chatter” how happy he is at wide receiver wearing his No. 28 Jersey in his Junior Year at the University of Nebraska. He’s quite well at the university. He also spoke highly of his father because of Father’s Day.