Top Stories This Week

Chloe Herring | 6/26/2014, 11:13 a.m.
Top stories affecting South Florida's Black communities

1) Mass shootings in Liberty City kill two, injure seven

In possibly the largest shootout in the community's recent history, seven individuals were injured and two men killed. The Liberty City leaders and residents responded to the incident, which shook the neighborhood known as Pork and Beans early Tuesday morning, with grief, horror and frustration.

2) Miami Gardens sues big banks in connection with home foreclosures

In a recent file for lawsuit, Miami Gardens alleges that it lost out on funds that would otherwise be collected through property taxes had banks not issued faulty loans to minorities.

3) CBS anchor Irika Sargent new face to the Black community

The new addition to a local news broadcast gives The Miami Times the inside scoop to her legal background and her transition to South Florida.

4) TACOLCY cancels meeting with concerned residents

Following the publication of an article about TACOLCY’S financial woes, agency CEO sent an email to The Miami Times informing the paper that the meeting was cancelled.

5) Man stalks, vandalizes The Miami Times office

The paper's employees witnessed one man turn the state of the temporary office to a frenzy after several assaulting attempts that resulted in his arrest.