Chatter That Matters

Dr. Richard Strachan | 3/13/2014, 9 a.m.
Miami Northwestern Bulls did celebrated being named an A-School with a stellar parade. The substitute platform came Dr. Alberto Carvalho, ...

Miami Northwestern Bulls did celebrated being named an A-School with a stellar parade. The substitute platform came Dr. Alberto Carvalho, Superintendent of Public Schools, congratulating and commending the school for reaching Level “A” after being tested with the FCAT. Joining him was Edward Harris from the office of Commissioner Audrey Edmonson. He read the Proclamation attesting the golden crown, while the contingents warmed up for the parade and Edmonson traveled to South Africa on a business trip.


Dr. Richard Strachan

Leading the parade was Ildito Matchus, librarian photographer, who clicked on Superintendent Carvalho, the student group from F.I.U. that formed a partnership, School Board member Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall and her T.O.P. (Teens Outreach Program) consisting of 100 members, Major Ernie Weatherington, school police department, Alitia Sanders, Parade Director, Principal William Aristide, Nathaniel Miller (Open vehicle), Larry Williams, Alumni President, Fire Chief 1 riding Mr. and Ms. Northwestern, Ms. and Mr. Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior, Holmes Elementary Marching Band, the purple dancers, Allapattah Middle School, Class of ’84, ’86, 5000 Role Models of Excellence, T-Shirts wearing K.O.G’s.

Kudos goes out to cheerleaders Tiana Lanier, Faaizah, Rodneshuia, Kajah Thompson, Crystal, and Shakevia Brown. Chad Norton Band Director, who displayed awesome steps. Kudos goes out to Dominique Bethel, Tyanna Trapp, Dominque Trapp, Dellayan Pipasuit, Bindna Balkman, Troy’nca Ross, and Terra Walters. More than 1,500 partied late in the evening, while food was served and the children took advantage of the bounces and danced to the music by the DJ. Congratulations Miami Northwestern and continue to have days like this one.

John and James L. Knight Concert Hall, Sherwood M. and Judy Weiser Auditorium presented Whoopi Goldberg, last Sat., March 1., at the Adrienne Arsht Center before a full house of her fans. Goldberg came out on stage in her usually knee-length shirt covering her tight-fitting colorful pants. The audience applauded every move she made on a huge stage with a stool, 2-bottles of water, and a book. With those props, she held the audience in the palm of her hands for 120-minutes. Near the close of her monologue, her assistants allowed the ones that raised their hands to speak. One of them was Margaret Saunders who screamed, “I’ve been following since you were young and I love you and enjoy your performance.

I was happy to see Kendrick Meek pushing his mother, former Congresswoman Carrie Meek, to her seat, while she had difficulty eluding the crowd trying to hug her.

Coach Lawton Williams, III three-peat for the third consecutive year by winning over Lake Minneola 60-44. Led by senior guard Zachary Johnson’s 19 points and 9-rebounds, and senior forward, Tyrell Williams’ 16-rebounds, 2-points and 5-blocks. Norland erased a late 7-point deficit, while the fans screamed “three-peat” as the coach beamed with pride for having won 10 championships within 12 years. His father, Lawton Williams is a former Principal of McNorth.