Omega Power and Praise gives back

Gigi Tinsley | 3/13/2014, 9 a.m.

Pastor Harriette Wilson-Greene has been “a giver since she was a child because her parents instilled those values in her,” Regina Davis, the coordin

ator and director of the Parents IOU Group said. “When there is a passion for what one is doing, it doesn’t feel like work. You do it because there is a need and it makes you happy doing it.”

Wilson-Greene has been a pastor of the Omega Power and Praise Ministry, Inc., for 14 years at 4705 NW 17th Ave. and the hundreds of families they feed each month is just a part of the many projects and programs her family, members and volunteers are involved in.

One of those projects is the 2000 baskets they give to the students and their siblings (because no child is turned away) at the area elementary schools and organizations in the area. This year will be no exception.

The Easter Basket Give-Away will take place because of organizations like Feeding South Florida, who is the major supporter of this Omega Power project.

Three schools were selected last year and students at Liberty City Elementary, Martin Luther King Head Start and Olinda Elementary Schools were given baskets.

Sixteen elementary schools with partnership with Hadley Park will be given 50 vouchers and the schools will use whatever criteria they want to select the 50 students.

Those selected students will go to Hadley Park at 1300 NW 50 St. and pick up their baskets.

In addition to the baskets Omega Power gives dresses, socks, suits and shoes to as many students as they can.

To add a little excitement to the “give-away,” the area is decorated with an Easter theme and pictures are taken.

“Omega Power is also proud to be a sponsor to other agencies, organizations and churches,” Wilson-Greene said. “Miami Children Initiative, Inc. (MCI) was given 125 baskets to give to volunteers who built their neighborhood playground with the assistance of the Boomers Organization; surrounding churches Sisters for Survivals (SOS) an Aide’s organization along with six others.