Mrs. Antoinette M. McPhee celebrates her 101st birthday

Gigi Tinsley | 3/20/2014, 9 a.m.

Mrs. Antoinette M. McPhee, who was 101 on March, is a very blessed lady. She beat the odds predicted by the US Census. According to them, McPhee was not suppose to be alive today.


Antoinette M. McPhee

It was predicted in 2005 by the US Census that there would be 114,000 centenarians in the US. They missed the count by more than one-half. Only 53,364 made it. McPhee is among that elite group of individuals, of which 82 percent are women.

“Ms. Nette,” as she is affectionately referred to by her family, friends and neighbors “is a woman of faith.” She gives “God all the honor and glory” for allowing her “to live so long.”Her faith is deeply rooted and she says “will be until I die and go home to be with him.”

For more than six decades, (up to six years ago), she was deeply involved in many programs and auxiliaries at St. Peters African Orthodox Cathedral Church, 4841 NW 2nd Ave., until her health no longer allowed her to attend.

Her niece and caregiver, Vivian J. Gatlin George confirmed, “She has always had a passion for God. I remember as a little girl, visiting her and seeing her kneel on the floor and pray each morning from around five to ten. I don’t know anyone who talks to God for five straight hours, but she did and I believe she still does.”

Father James A. McPhee, Ms Nette’s nephew and a priest at St. Peters said about his aunt, when she was still involved, she never missed any Sundays at church or any church activities.

“She gave 100 percent of her time because she loved the church. She always encouraged people to put their trust in God.”

For most of her life, George said her aunt worked as a maid. But she also made clothes, did upholstery for others and “got along with everybody.”

“Ms. Nette” was married to Leonard Clifford Bethel and from that union one son, named after his father, was borned. Both are deceased.

With her relatives and friends, The Miami Times staff’s prayers are that Ms. Nette has many more birthdays.