Rev. Willie Brown: Striving to preach and teach

Gigi Tinsley | 3/20/2014, 9 a.m.
Willie Brown, 43, is a music teacher at Linda Linton K-8 Center on 135 St. and Memorial Highway in North ...
Rev. Willie Brown

Willie Brown, 43, is a music teacher at Linda Linton K-8 Center on 135 St. and Memorial Highway in North Miami. He is a well-disciplined instructor he said and in addition to being a mentor and an inspiration to his students, wants to also be a man that God can use to help his people.

“After seeing what people have to go through on a daily basis, I want to focus on those issues that exist in their lives in addition to preaching and teaching God’s word,” Brown said. ‘That’s one of the prime reasons Joshua Outreach Ministries was organized.”

“If an individual is hungry and your aim is to go to him and tell him about the love of Jesus Christ, you are just wasting yours and his time,” Brown said. The first thing you and anyone else needs to do is feed him. After feeding him, you will find that he is more apt to listen to what you have to say.”

Brown started the church with four members in Sister Bessie Freeman’s home. After a few weeks of having services at Freeman’s home, the count rose to 13. They needed to start looking for a larger place to worship.

“Pastor Jeffrey Hamilton at 1044 NW 54 St. was caring and giving enough to allow us have our services in their church,” Brown said. Services are held on Fridays at 7:30 p.m.”

Brown says his ministry is one of empowerment. “I tell the members and those who visit us, you don’t want to make not having food for yourself and your children, not having money to pay your rent and other bills, and not being able to buy clothes for you and your family, a way of life.”

In order to enjoy this life given to us by God, Brown says, “One has to have a plan and that plan should have three components or stages: Education, Preparation and Working.”

“Every parent should see to it that their children receive the best education offered. While the child is young, the parent should note what that child has a love for and expose that child to as much of that thing or things he or she loves to do. Finally, make sure that child gets a higher education or attends a vocation school related to what they want to do.”

Brown was born in Ft. Pierce, FL to the parentage of the Mary Wright and the late Willie Brown. They taught him, he says, “the values of love, working towards set goals and being honest.”

He came to Miami in 1991 and attended Florida Memorial College (now university) and graduated in 1998.

“I took care of my sick grandfather, Ossie Wright, a relative of Betty Wright, (The Clean Up Woman), worked at the college, while attending school. So it took me that long to finish,” Brown said.

Brown as a musician, (he plays the organ, piano and keyboard) has played for numerous churches in the area and has seen many hurting and desperate people.

His vision is to help heal the broken-hearted and demonstrate the importance of being honest and having a Godly relationship.

Brown is single and has a 16 year-old son.