Ronda Vangates appointed as asst. city manager of Doral

First Black woman to hold this local government position

Ashley Montgomery | 3/20/2014, 9 a.m.
The City of Doral has appointed a new Assistant City Manager, Ronda Vangates, Esq. “I was appointed by the City ...
Ronda Vangates

The City of Doral has appointed a new Assistant City Manager, Ronda Vangates, Esq.

“I was appointed by the City Manager — Joe Carolla on March 10, 2014,” Vangates said.

Joe Carolla, former City of Miami mayor says that Vangates will have direct report responsibility for: Human Resources, Public Works, Information Technology, Police and the Division of Public Affairs.

“Ronda was my Chief-of-Staff when I was Mayor of the City of Miami, the first African-American to be appointed that position, so I know firsthand what she brings to the table,” Corolla said. “She is a consummate professional who understands the complexities of municipal government.”

The City of Doral was incorporated in 2003. It is a flourishing city where business growth and development has made many advancements over the years. Over 150,000 employees come to work and it is home to over 15 Fortune 500 companies.

“I believe my entire skill set, from my legal training to organization management, efficiency development to community outreach, will serve me well in my new position,” Vangates said.

The newest Assistant City Manager credits more than that to her ability to succeed in her new position. Vangates has a strong commitment to bring the residents of Doral — “our youth and elderly” — essential and effective services.

“Quite honestly my relentless passion for public service is my greatest asset — I truly believe that the residents of the City of Doral deserve the highest quality service our management team can offer and my role is to continue to cultivate an environment of excellence,” she said.

What’s on the horizon for the City of Doral?

“Having just hosted the World Golf Championship - Cadillac Championship at the Doral Trump Golf Resort and Spa, the City is actively engaged in attracting additional national and international events that will provide the entire community with world class cultural experiences,” Vangates said. “We will continue to develop programs to address the needs of our residents.”

The City of Doral has a Black population of 2 percent. Vangates says that she doesn’t believe that this will present any challenges for her with the residents and fellow colleagues.

“Leadership is portable, transferable and effective no matter the zip code of its application,” Vangates said.

Blacks breaking through

As a Black woman, Vangates says that there are plenty Black professionals that qualify to take on government roles.

“The question is, are there leaders in place who are willing to mentor, support, encourage and promote Black talent,” Vangates said. “Throughout my entire career, I have been blessed with mentors who saw my potential and who pushed me beyond my comfort zone.”

Vangates concluded with a quote from one of her mentors: “I am going to intentionally push you off this cliff and you’re either going to settle for mediocrity or soar to new heights.”