Tiger Wood's career suffers

Jeff Fox and Ed Freeman | 3/20/2014, 9 a.m.
I remember when a young and dominant Eldrick Tiger Woods dominated The Masters Golf tournament winning by a mind boggling ...

I remember when a young and dominant Eldrick Tiger Woods dominated The Masters Golf tournament winning by a mind boggling 13 strokes. I remember when folks that never bothered to watch golf would always turn on their televisions on Sundays to watch Tiger just intimidate his competition. Even if he was trailing the


Ed Freeman


Jeff Fox

leader, his mere presence forced golf's greatest players into epic meltdowns. They knew Tiger was lurking and it meant huge ratings for television and the sport of golf was thriving because Tiger was the man. At the rate Tiger was winning and dominating, the thought of him passing the great Jack Nicklaus record of 18 PGA majors was never a matter of if, but a matter of when. Then the wheels all fell off in the well documented fire hydrant incident with his now ex wife.

We all knew Tiger was a great player but who knew he was a great "playa" ? The scandal that shook up the sports world has apparently derailed what appeared to be a legendary career.

Two weeks ago those Tiger fans were in South Florida and they got a very good look, up close and personal at the once dominant Tiger Woods.  Just one week after withdrawing from an event due to a back injury, the struggle continued for Tiger Woods at Doral where he finished 5-over par and had one of the worst rounds of his career.

Tiger has fallen off so badly that his quest to break Jack Nicklaus's record is not even a topic of discussion anymore.Woods shot a 78 (6-over) in the final round at Doral. It was just not a good day.

The score of 78 was also Tiger's worst ever at Doral, an event he has won seven times, and was his worst final round score ever. Ever ! Just the day before Woods showed that he can still have flashes of greatness,  he shot a  6-under in the third round to move into a tie for fourth place. It was all setting up for one of those Tiger Sunday's that fans have been yearning for. Clearly it was not meant to be.

Not only has Tiger's game failed him but he has also had many troubling health issues. He admitted  at the time that his recent back problems had flared up again. The timing could not be worse. I don't know about you but I miss the dominating Tiger Woods. The fist pumper, the growls and most of all the winning. As it stands right now,  Woods' 71.0 scoring average would be the worst of his career.

Sure it is early in the season but we have seen the Tiger melt downs too often in recent years.

We all want to see Tiger win another major. The number one rankings and 14 majors by age 38 are still very admirable but we have been waiting years now on number 15. One time ago, we could easily imagine the day that Jack would have passed that "greatest ever" torch to Tiger Woods. Today that dream seems like just that. A dream.