Key Clubhouse offers holistic mental health services

Program targets individuals with substance abuse

Carla St.Louis | 3/27/2014, 9 a.m.
Twenty-five. That’s the amount of individuals it took daily to push the small Key Clubhouse, that included five 1,200 feet ...
Dorlis Philius, a member of Key Clubhouse, smiles with his first paycheck after getting a new job with the help of the Clubhouse.

Since its opening in 2010, the Key Clubhouse has filled some gaps in mental health services serving 240 individuals.

The Clubhouse redirects them to services in the large continuum care of mental health such as the Jessie Trice Community Health Center, New Horizons and Douglas Garden for case management, psychiatric services and counseling.

It partners with employers to hire job seekers who are overcoming mental illness through transitional employment, a program that allows a member to segue into a permanent job.

A key feature of the program is allowing the unemployed to train for a transitional position alongside a Clubhouse staffer. If ever the trainee needs someone to cover a shift once employed, that staff member is available to help.

Deborah Dummitt of Department of Children and Families, participated in the program for a year and a half after she hired a member, and spoke favorably of the program saying, “You really are living mental health because you are employing someone with mental health. I was so impressed with the skill sets that the Key Clubhouse provided its members that I was ready to hire. I think it’s great business because what you get is A-plus quality from this Clubhouse.”

The Clubhouse receives funding from grants and the state made available through the South Florida Behavioral Network.

Although not yet officially accredited by the International Clubhouse Association, it abides by its standards and practices. It is in a six month accreditation process.

The Clubhouse is modeled after Fountain House, an organization that provides mutual support for individuals who are coping with mental illness after a group of Miami mothers scoured the country for a model that would provide their children and others like them with a community.

For more information about the Clubhouse, call 305-374-5115 and ask for a tour, log on to http://keyclubhouse.org

*The member's name has been changed in order to protect her identity.