Walker cutting into Black market

New shaving line curbs razor bumps

Carla St.Louis | 3/27/2014, 9 a.m.
Black men look no further. A new razor company claims to be a cut above the rest when it comes ...

Black men look no further.

A new razor company claims to be a cut above the rest when it comes to relieving men of razor bumps.

You know razor bumps, right? Those pesky ingrown hairs that Black men (and curly haired men) have been trying to rid themselves of for years as they seek a clean cut.


Tristan Walker

Enter Bevel, from Walker & Company Brands, the first and only shaving system designed specifically to resolve skin care issues for men with coarse, curly hair, done at the click of button. Those issues also include hyperpigmentation, scarring and skin irritation.

Walker hopes Bevel will break into a $13 billion shaving market where 80 percent of Black men have razor bumps.

Bevel, like DooBop and Birchbox, is a subscription-based service, offering a high-end five part shaving system exclusively online.

Walker, a pioneer of Foursquare, personally knows how embarrassing razor bumps can be.

“I’ve experienced these challenges firsthand,” he said. “Name a shaving problem faced by Black men and I’ve had it. And I’ve tried everything: Not a single mass marketed product worked for me because very few companies have taken the time to address these issues for us in an effective and authentic way.”

Frustrated, Walker set out to fix the problem for his self and other Black men.

“Most of these shaving issues are a result of using the wrong grooming tools and products,” he said. “Using the wrong product can cause our curly, coarse hairs to curl back into the skin and cause major damage like ingrown hairs and that’s not a good look.”

Bevel, according to Walker, changes that. Billed as the “sophisticated shaving alternative for men with sensitive skin,” each 30-day starter kit from Bevel includes a steel single blade razor and lush products infused with organic ingredients.

The set also features 20 razors that cut hair at above skin level as opposed to beneath the skin like other mass-marketed razors. It also includes a badger shaving brush, shaving cream, restoring balm and priming oil for a smooth shave.

"Bevel is the only system I trust for a closely shaven head and neck without irritation-period," said Marlon Nichols, in a message on Bevel's website. "Finally, a product that works for men of color."

Clinical trials conducted by Bevel have shown that consumers obtain clearer, smoother skin within four weeks of using Bevel said Walker.

The shaving kit costs $59.95 to start a subscription. A refill kit is sent every 90 days at a lesser charge of $29.95 per month.

For more information, log on to http://getbevel.com.