Part III: Why are Black women so angry?

Black men offered their perspective during intense town hall discussion

Erick Johnson | 5/1/2014, 9 a.m.
Why are Black women so angry? One Black male believes they are unappreciated at home and in the workplace. Another ...

Despite the challenges and scarcity of Black men, all five of the guests agreed that women should not settle when it comes to finding a mate.

“We as Black men need to be the whole model instead of the role model,” Lightbourne said.

The advice was helpful to Lindsey Johnson, 25, a graduate of Florida A&M University who along with her girlfriends experienced fruitless searches in finding Black men since moving to South Florida after graduation.

Johnson said she grew frustrated after observing many Black males in interracial relationships with white women.

“I was angry because I’m waiting on Black men who did not want to be with us,” she said.

But one woman in the audience shared how said she found happiness after a bad relationship left her bitter and angry.

“We have to want to get past the anger,” she said. “God took me in the wilderness and helped me look at myself and things that I had to change. We as Black women must want to move past the hurt.”

The discussion was so successful that organizers of the series said they are considering adding a fourth installment on the Black male’s perspective on why Black women are so angry.