Overtown resident says final good-byes to family home

Chloe Herring | 5/5/2014, 12:29 p.m.
OVERTOWN,FLA.: Linda Brown walks to husband Benjamin's room to hands hand him an old photo. The couple reminisces while moving men pack items from their Overtown home into boxes. //Chloe Herring Photo by Chloe Herring

Before handing over the keys to his longtime family home, Overtown resident Benjamin Brown and family had to move all their belongings out.

"I told them I'm not going to leave today," said Brown. He said state officials and contractors were urging him to move out sooner. "I'm not going to just let them run me off of the property."

Last month the family spent one sunny weekend with the help of a moving company to pack, reminisce and say their final good-byes.

Brown's home was bought out by the state for $300,000 to make way for the expansion of I-395, which looms behind the blue-and-white painted two-story home of Brown. The building still stands on NW 2nd and NW 14th Terrace, but is now surrounded by a tall, metal fence. Demolition of Brown's former home will occur once the structure is gutted out.

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