Chatter That Matters

Dr. Richard Strachan | 5/8/2014, 9 a.m.
Congratulations to Veronica Rahming, president, and Mary Ann Thomas, vice president, for taking the “Men of Tomorrow”, along with The ...

Congratulations to Veronica Rahming, president, and Mary Ann Thomas, vice president, for taking the “Men of Tomorrow”, along with The Egelloc Civic and Social Club and elite members, last Saturday, at the Parrot Jungle Island. “The organization began with 55 11th graders and completed its journey with 15. One boy even escorted while on crutches. The gallery consisted of Da’Marrio Jackson-Smith with parents Marlo Smith and Da’Nita Jackson also elected as president; Kirk S. Anderson with parents Curtis and Mickie Anderson and Cherelic Collier, escort; Gregory M. Bethune, Jr. with parents Gregory and Shovon Bethune and Alexis George, escort; Dorian Coney with parents Walter Fowles and Michelle Demeritte with Dr. Edwin T. Demeritte, Grandfather, and Ciarra Hundley, escort; Daren M. Davis, Jr. with parents Daren M. Davis Sr., and April Scott with Janae Walker, escort. Benjamin Fortson with parents Darryl Fortson and Kimberly Moore with Bella Brown, escort; Darius Foster with parents Dexter and Adrian Foster; Arianna Mitchell, escort; Jacquez Garrison with parents Anthony Garrison and Lekisha Carey; Kayja Burse, escort; James Green with parents James Green and Renata Devero; Chloc A. Jenkins, escort; Isaiah H. Raphael with parents Justen Rolle and Alicia Roundtree; Khareece Mattis, escort; Bryce Senatis with parents Samuel and Yvonnne Young and Teja Jackson, escort; Kornelius Simmons with parents Erick Blatch, Jr., and Dawn Simmons with Briana Graham, escort; James Thomas, III with parents James and Terri Houston Thomas; Shanted James, escort; Reginald Turner with parents Reginald and Rennina Turner and Viki Duperval, escort; Rodley Velia with parents Ronald Velia and Magalie Domond and Jada Addison, escort. Part two of the presentation included the 2014 Men of Tomorrow demonstrating their skill in singing, playing the saxophone, delivering an Essay, Speech or showing a Black History project. Additionally, Dr. Richard J. Strachan choreographed the Cane Routine while the young men sang “We Are The Men of Tomorrow”, Satin Doll, The cotillion which took them on an imaginary trip to Harlem in New York, Paris, France; Spain, and dancing the Tango, Cha Cha while closing out the trip in Pork and Beans Liberty City doing “Soul Train”. Da’Marrio Jackson-Smith did the routine. At the closure, the DJ loaded down parents’ tables with trophies earned by the men for their labor, while everyone enjoyed a sumptuous luncheon and music. During the dancing on the floor came Sonya Gardner, Vera Purcell, Cora S. Johnson, Shirley Paremore, W. Doris Neal Dr. Gwendolyn H. Robinson, T. Eileen Robinson, Nadine Atkins, Bernice Carey, Constance Carter, Gloria Clausell, Josephine D. Rolle, Mary L. Dunn, Barbara Golphin, Stacey Ingraham, Lisa J. Jenkins, Mary G. Salary, Mary W. Severance, and Stephenia G. Willis.

Iota Phi Lambda Sorority Inc. Gamma Alpha Chapter National Business Month Celebration brought a host of community people that shared in the theme: A United Sisterhood of Business and Professional Women Striving for Economic Empowerment. It was held at New Covenant Presbyterian Church with Phyllis Shumate, National President, Dr. Ivis Richardson, Chapter President, and Lola Mercedes Parker, Founder, 1929. The focus of the meeting was leadership.

In the spotlight were Vannie Barr-Fisher, Mary Dunn, O Leanne Smith, Winifred Beacham, Corliss Sellers, Leola Adams, Hattie Barnett, Helen Reed, Bertha Cason, W. Doris Neal, Denise Miller-Marsh, Drabina Washington, Nikki Young, and red hats of Louise Harris, Leola Adams, Doris Neal and Moselle Rackard, Queen Kargrove, Loretta Pieze, and Daisy Williams.