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Floyd Mayweather cashes in

5/8/2014, 9 a.m.
I remember when I despised Floyd Mayweather. I never liked his constant bragging. Showing off his millions on line in ...

I remember when I despised Floyd Mayweather. I never liked his constant bragging. Showing off his millions on line in what I considered somewhat childish behavior. This past weekend the unbeaten champion showed me something that I had rarely seen from him. He was faced with serious adversity and he showed the heart of a champion. For the first time in many years Mayweather was seriously challenged in a title unification bout against Argentina’s Marcos Maidana. The WBA welterweight champion Maidana came in with a plan and nearly pulled off the impossible. Throwing caution to the wind, Maidana came in with a nothing to lose attitude and threw punches in bunches, landing anywhere and everywhere.

No one expected to see Floyd Mayweather being battered in a barrage of punches early on in this fight. The sellout crowd of 16, 268 was both shocked and pleased that this was going to be a great fight and not the dance-a-thons that boxing fans have become accustomed to. This was a terrific fight and give Mayweather credit. He was puzzled early and thrown off by Maidana’s surprise attack but like the ring technician that he is, by round six Mayweather had turned the tables. The crowd was electric as the large Argentinian contingent was singing and cheering loudly against chants of USA ! USA ! from the American Mayweather supporters. I found myself rooting for Floyd as he courageously and masterfully fought back. We were witnessing what greatness is all about. In the end judges Burt Clemens and Dave Moretti scored the fight 117-111 and 116-112 respectively in Mayweather’s favor and somehow judge Michael Pernick scored the fight even. Mayweather improved to 46-0 with 26 knockouts.

What we learned was that Mayweather is becoming increasingly vulnerable as he ages. Floyd is 37 years old and while he is still the best in the game but you can see signs of him slowing down just a bit. Credit his excellent training and brilliant boxing mind for getting him out of the ring victorious this past Saturday night. Mayweather’s biggest test will be against father time, who is also undefeated the last time we checked. Floyd has always carefully selected his opponents in years past. He needs to be extra cautious from now on, stay with the tomato can bum of the month types.