Chatter That Matters

Dr. Richard Strachan | 5/15/2014, 9 a.m.
Former Judge Shirlyon J. McWhorter, B-CU ‘81 expressed her pride and humility to serve the 2013-14 as president of the ...

Former Judge Shirlyon J. McWhorter, B-CU ‘81 expressed her pride and humility to serve the 2013-14 as president of the Miami-Dade Alumni Association and also included the “Magic Of Motown” as the theme. She also recognized Patricia Garrett (Literary), M/M Charlie Davis (Community Service), Fedrick Ingram (Education), Mary Ann Carroll (Art), and Coach Brian Jenkins. Mr. Ingram included graduating from B-CU, as well as being “Teacher Of the Year” many times, band director, most powerful Business Leader in the South, and the first Black President of the Teacher’s Union.

Patricia H. Garrett is the mother-daughter duo made preserving the historic details of Richmond Heights and is presently tied to Florida Democratic Committeewoman for Precinct 802. While Davis was the first


Dr. Richard Strachan

Black Director in the City of Coral Gables with 2-purple hearts as a marine and his wife nailed down 45-years of dedicated service as a teacher. Carroll is the sole woman in the group of artists known as the “Florida Highwaymen.” Many of her paintings are on Upson board and went door-to-door selling the product. She started at 17 and has accomplished much with her determination.

Last but not least, Coach Jenkins has won Coach of the-Year three times, FCS Region Two times and won over FAMU 3-consecutive years and Coach of the Year 3-times. He also coach at Bowling Green State University, Illinois U., Western Kentucky, and received his experience at Dillard High by winning the State Championship several times.

Others in attendance were Bob and Pat Edwards, Katie Turner, John & Annettee Williams, Dr. Cynthia and William Clarke, T. Eilene and Gregory Robinson, Jose Perez, Nancy Cox, Sara Allen, Elsie Stewart, Carol Weatherington, Wayne Davis, Patrice Dobbs, Bettie C. Curry, Chiqueta, Chakeria, Natie, Nicole, David III, Page, Charlie, Tiffany Davis.

Sylvia Williams-Garner reports The Alpha Gamma Chapter of Eta Phi Beta Sorority’s 46th Annual Founder’s Day Observance 2014, recently, at the Renaissance Ballroom, downtown Miami. Founders are 11-women with Basileus Debra Hines recognizing Patricia H. Garrett, for her outstanding contribution in the community. “Not for ourselves, but for others.” Garner collaborated with Janet R. Symonette, Chairperson, and Daseline McPhee, Co-chair, to express themselves to the community as “why” they took a giant step to be in line with the community.

Those in attendance included Alicia Lancaster, Janet Edwards, Kimberly Anderson, Johnnie Trent, Estelito Jackson, Faye Brown, Barbara Gibson, Rosetta Nelson, Janice George, Shirley Clark, Dannie McMillon, Giona Young, Shirley Day-Worthey, Brenda Freeman, Nykeva Hines, Doris Lynch, Carolyn Mayes, Linette Rogers, Thelma Rolle, Dorothy Thompson, and Doris Woods. Also, Bee Etles and Senords, and Youth of Etta Phi Beta Sorority with B. L. Hines, and J. Coakley, Honorary Members.

Congratulations to the Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Gamma Delta Sigma Chapter 51st Annual Rhomania with “Making Dreams a Reality” as the theme. The females were attired in pink dresses and escorts in dark suits. Their routines where really put together including the talent show that featured the 3-winners. Bud Tia Mellerson, who won 1st place, has the potential to win any dance contest in the next five years.

Among the 13-Buds was Shayla Asare-Kokou, a 3rd grader at Cooperative Charter School who was taught how to conduct programs without the use of writing it done, but, memorizing between or before speaking. She won an honorable mention, as well as passing FCAT in the third grade. Now she is moving towards being a “Rose” and attending B-CU. According to Shironda Williams, Shayla was excellent at dancing.

Kudos goes out to Dr. Edward G. Robinson, The Instant Attraction Band, Lisa Bailey-Smitherman, President, Annette Brantley, participant and the late Robert Slater, composer of the “I’m a Bud of Spring” song and dance routines of “Dreamgirls” Buds, “Lost Without You”, and Escorts. Others in attendance were Linda Tartt, Irene Handsford, Wilma Council, Rachel Dobson, Esq, Juliette Higgs, WenDell Doris Neal, Dr. Enid Pinkney, and Terriceda Newkirk.