Mothers are mothers every day

Gigi Tinsley | 5/15/2014, 9 a.m.
Mothers, fathers and relatives at Mother's Day celebration.

 The Omega Power and Praise Ministry (OPPM) under the leadership of Dr. Harriette Wilson-Greene, celebrated another glorious event at the Joseph Caleb Center, last Friday, May 9 as they celebrated and honored mothers, grandmothers and guardians. 

Five nominees from 20 local schools were selected for the work they have done this school year to help make a difference in our community.  Mothers, fathers and relatives from the community were in attendance. 

It was a very exciting and blessed time when mothers gave their mothers praise and honor for the love, sacrifices and quality of care that was given to them. After each tribute, that off-spring or young mother pinned their mother with a lovely Mother’s Day corsage donated by OPPM. It was an emotional and heart wrenching ceremony. 

“What was most memorable to me,” Wilson-Greene said, was that the love of my life, my mom, Mrs. Katherine Wilson, who died four years ago. I can’t honor my mother anymore, therefore, I give honor to other mothers in remembrance of her.” 

Wilson-Greene honored her Aunt June Miller, as the mother figure in her life. “Aunt June helped my mom raise me.” 

The most touching and memorable moment was when a sister gave tribute to her oldest sister, who helped her from a child. Today, that same sister continue to raising her other sister and brothers by cooking for them, keeping them clean and taking them to their doctors’ appointments. The older sister has dedicated her life to taking care of her siblings since the death of their mother.

That tribute will not soon be forgotten. Tears flowed all over the audience.   

The honorees and guests were serenaded by and danced to music by the Mindful Anointed One’s and honored by the liturgical dance group FreeDem To Dance. 

Each mother in attendance were treated to two gift bags one with treats for themselves and the other with household items for their homes

Pat Santiangelo and Alan Morley were representatives from Mayor Tomas Regalado’s office.