Mystery surrounds Miami officer found dead in Pembroke Pines

Miami Times staff report | 5/15/2014, 9 a.m.
Carl Patrick

Friends and family throughout Miami are mourning the loss of Carl Patrick, a veteran Miami police officer who was found dead in his Pembroke Pines home on Friday.

Patrick's girlfriend, Tiniko Thompson, a public service aide said Patrick accidentally shot himself during a struggle for a gun in the bedroom in the home where they shared.

Thompson said the shooting happened last Wednesday morning, 48 hours before Patrick's body was discovered. Her attorney told the news media during that time Thompson was scared and confused as she sat in Patrick's black BMW that was parked under a bridge.

Police are still investigating Patrick’s death. On Sunday, police cordoned off the house with yellow crime tape as neighbors remained in shock over the shooting.

Many remember Patrick as a well-loved police officer who has been with the force for 25 years. Neighbors and colleagues described Patrick and a friendly, selfless individual who would do anything for anyone. Friends say they don’t understand why anyone would harm so a generous individual.

Patrick’s mother, Lucille was devastated upon learning of her her son’s death. A steady stream of friends and family members have visited Lucille’s home since the news of Patrick’s death broke.

Last month, Carl Patrick donned his dress uniform and participated in the department's annual ceremony to memorialize officers killed in the line of duty. Patrick was a patrol officer in the city’s North District, joined the Army after graduating from Miami Central High School.

Last Monday, the flags at Miami's police headquarters downtown were flown at half-staff to honor Patrick.