Give due honor and be blessed

Gigi Tinsley | 5/22/2014, 9 a.m.
In our society, we tend to honor those we like. If you are outside of one’s the inner circle of ...

In our society, we tend to honor those we like. If you are outside of one’s the inner circle of friends, you will not be honored, though honor is due to you.

It happens even in the church. Christians very often allows secular thoughts to cloud their judgment and not give true honor where it is due.

If you are not counted among the elites in a certain group or from a certain geographical area, you just might not fit in and are not “qualified” to be honored, as far as the deciding factors are concerned.

Noah Webster’s dictionary defines “Honor” as high regard or respect, good reputation, adherence to principles considered right and have integrity.

Taking in consideration the fact that, we should have no respect of persons, the giving of honor should be clearly examined and the motives for doing it should be transparent. There should be no hidden agendas.

All of us have come in contact with or most certainly will, individuals who deserve and it is mandated by God, to receive honor. But they never get it.

Honor to parents

There are many mandates directing children to “honor thy father and mother.” This is the First Commandment with a promise. The promise is: if you honor your father and mother, you will have a long life, full of blessings.

“Honor your father and mother, that you may have a long, good, life in the land your Lord God will give you,” is recorded in the books of Exodus 20:12 and Deuteronomy 5: 16. (NLT)

Always remember, when you give honor, you will be blessed.

Honor to the aged

“You shall give due honor and respect to the elderly in the fear of God. . (Leviticus 19:32)

I feel that neither the youth nor adults show the respect that is due to the elderly. In too many instances, the elderly are pushed aside after spending so many years taking care of these same adults and youth. It seems that there is never enough time for the elderly.

If by chance, the older person is not as educated as their children, or God forbid, sick, our society condones having someone else take care of our parents. ‘I put my mother in a nursing home so that I,” Courtney Daniels says, “can get on with my life.” She has too many things she wants to do to be saddled with an old person.

“I have the money to put her in a very nice place,” she added. “Why should I put my life on hold?”

How many years did the old lady take care of Daniels?

But we must remember, there is the corporate ladder to climb, the weekends at the resorts with your friends, the beach parties and the parties one must attend if one is to be considered with the “in crowd.”

Then, there is the overtime that is a requirement if one wants to buy the expensive cars that makes a statement that is most times, not true.