Meet me in Miami

Recap of Miami Fashion Week events that heated up the city

Ashley Montgomery | 5/22/2014, 9 a.m.
Miami Fashion Week wrapped up its 16th year in style as thousands of guests made their way to the Miami ...
Cynthia Bailey encouraged workshop attendees to follow their dreams

Miami Fashion Week wrapped up its 16th year in style as thousands of guests made their way to the Miami Beach Convention Center last week for the latest fashions amid the glitz and glam of star-studded parties.

In collaboration with Miami Fashion Week, Jambalaya Media Group and Jones Magazine presented Meet Me in Miami, a fun yet informative four-day event hosted at the W Hotel.

Meet Me in Miami took over the halls and ballrooms with pop-up boutiques, fashion designers and more. The workshops and events were all filled with “fashion, and high-powered beauty.”

Meet Me in Miami kicked off on May 15 with a live roundtable discussion with Pastor’s Daughters “Lost and Found” on WMBM Radio. Bishop T.D. Jakes daughter, Sarah Jakes and other prominent pastor’s daughters gave their testimonies about the hard realities of facing unexpected detours in life.

Later that evening, folks made their way to the Red Carpet Kick Off Event at the convention center. Designers, models and celebrities showed off on the red carpet. One interesting feature at the party was the “Silent Dance Party” floor where attendees sported glow-in-the-dark headphones.

The following day, guests from Meet Me in Miami regrouped at the W Hotel where celebrity stylist Chris Curse presented “ORS presents The Hair Affair”. Curse shared tips on caring for natural hair and extensions. Onlookers discovered new ways to manage their mane as he passed around specialized products that would make managing natural hair easier.


Curse has been in the industry for over a decade and says that he targets the need for natural hair care especially for women of color.

He presented free gifts of gems that surprised many women at the event.

“It’s more important to oil the ends of your hair than your scalp,” Curse said.

Most women around the room looked on in confusion as one outspoken guest shouted out, “You mean to tell me all those years of greasing my scalp was a waste?”

Curse also explained that our scalp produces its own natural oil — the ends of hair is the oldest part of your hair,” he said.

Curse also recommended that one should sleep on satin as opposed to any other type of material because Black hair has a tendency to dry out.

Curls provided samples to everyone in attendance.


Cynthia Bailey hosted a special workshop titled, “Walking in Confidence” where she taught attendees how to be the best person that he or she could be. Bailey gave a heart-warming speech on how her life changed once she began to have more confidence in herself and her dreams.

She told her story of how she became the proud mother and wife that she is today. Bailey, 47 years old and full of positive energy, spoke highly about model-turned-media mogul Tyra Banks.

She recalls going to New York when she turned 18. She says that Banks had a way about making you believe that she was the best even if she wasn’t. She looks back on life and says that she always knew that Banks would be the woman that she is today simply because of her confidence.