Mother of Trayvon Martin hosts retreat in South Florida to empower women

Queen Brown | 5/22/2014, 9 a.m.
Mothers of children who were tragically killed from around the country and from all walks of life gathered last weekend ...
Sybrina Fulton hosted a retreat for mothers whose children have been killed.

Mothers of children who were tragically killed from around the country and from all walks of life gathered last weekend for the inaugural Circle of Mothers empowerment and transformational weekend workshops sponsored by the Trayvon Martin Foundation. Mothers included parents of the Sandy Hook massacre, a mother whose only two children were murdered within the span of two-weeks and mothers who are freshly grieving and are still asking the question “why,” and ”when will these tragedies end?” No one had the answer to this question.  But we all understood that it will take mothers willing take a stand to end the senseless gun violence robbing us of our children.  

The Circle of Mothers retreat was designed as a workshop for mothers who lost their children to gun violence.  However, the focus was not on grief but on sessions of empowerment.  The Circle of Mothers theme was “Women Empowering Women to Transform Communities.”  Attendees were treated to a weekend filled with stories of hope and strategies for surviving, healing, growing and influencing change in their communities.

“The workshops this weekend has lifted a burden from my heart,” said Sherreba Quinn Campbell of Miami.” It felt good to meet other mothers who have suffered the same loss. I felt so relieved during the entire event. Being in the company of other mothers was just as empowering to me as the workshops and the speakers.”

Lisa Nichols, Best Selling Author and International Public Speaker began with a series of workshops which stimulated the emotional healing process.  And as the day concluded we were empowered and left with a deeper understanding of our purpose and a new perspective of our loss.  She taught us how to see things differently and to let go of that moment in the past.  The facilitator persuaded us to broaden our understanding and perspective of our loss and find the courage to begin our life assignment.

An important session of the retreat was filled with messages of hope and affirmation. Afeni Shakur was the keynote speaker. She reflected on the loss of her son Tupac Shakur as she eloquently delivered a message of affecting change through self-empowerment.  She reminded the mothers that they have a powerful voice that they just need to find the courage to speak out the injustices.

The retreat closed with a Sunday morning service with inspirational speaker Minister Darell Knight and soulful R&B singer Shirley Murdock. Again, the Circle of Mothers were blessed with messages and songs of faith, hope and transformation.

Two years ago the country and the world all watched as Sybrina Fulton began her tenacious fight against gun violence and systematic injustices when her son Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman. The mothers gathered vowed to continue to support her as she continues her unwavering fight for justice for all children. Mothers of murdered children, even those who were not present, should all feel a part of this Circle of Mothers.