Anna Sweeting | 5/22/2014, 9 a.m.
Attention Lincoln Memorial Cemetery: I and many others are appalled at the condition of our 46th Street cemetery in Brownsville. ...

Attention Lincoln Memorial Cemetery: I and many others are appalled at the condition of our 46th Street cemetery in Brownsville. The condition of our cemetery is deplorable. No one is working there anymore and our once beloved pioneer cemetery is in need of constant maintenance. Old timers and neighbors of that neighborhood are quite perturbed. We as Blacks need to assist by keeping around our beloved family and friends graves as clean as we can and maybe relatives wouldn’t mind being buried next to their loved ones. Think about what I have written this week and may I add that all graves could use a coat or two of paint and cleanliness of each one for the sake of the dead. We must do better by our deceased family members and friends and maybe we will have some groups of volunteers to assist in cleaning up Lincoln Memorial Cemetery. It would be a delight to take visitors to visit their family and friends. Hearty congratulations go out to Chester Fair Jr. who retired from Miami Dade College May 9 after a combination of 38 years in education. Chester is now Region I representative for Omega Psi Phi Fraternity in Florida.

Get well wishes go out to our sick and shut-ins: Wilhelmina S. Welch, George Davis, Winston Scavella, Herbert Rhodes, Barbara Kee, Marjorie Sharpe, Earl Carroll, Ruth Clarke, Leanora Bryant, Hughie Nairn Sr., Elston Davis, Willie Reed Williams, Jessie Pinder, Gladys Moss, Veronica O’Berry, Pauline McKinney, Rosemary Braynon, Evangeline Gibson, Thomas Nottage, Theodore Moss, Marion Marie Mackey and Norma Mims.

Get well wishes to Collette Hart Richardson as she recovers from surgery. Her condition was greatly enhanced by a surprise visit from her father, Willard Tony Hart II from Denver, Colo.

Join Episcopal Churchmen of St. Agnes Episcopal Church as they travel to “The world famous church brunch” Downtown Disney Sunday June 8 5:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Call 786-285-9222 for more information.

Congratulations to the following new guild members who expressed a desire to become members of Saint Agnes Guild of Episcopal Church Women. Dr. Gay F. Outler is our president. The following young ladies are: Ericka McKinney, Apryl Montford, Joan Puyol Ballard, Gail Jackson, Fredra Rhodes, Clothilda Gibson Brown, Darsheika Spencer, Sheree Wheeler and Alexandria Wheeler.

Saint Cecelia’s ECW chapter’s 18th annual scenic bus tour will be May 23-26. Destination: Savannah, Ga. You can reserve your seat and begin making payments to evangelist Elizabeth Blue or Louise Cromartie. Hearty congratulations to Dewey and Sabrina Knight who celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary on May 18.