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Kerr not ready to coach yet

The Sports Brothers | 5/22/2014, 9 a.m.
It is rather interesting that ex broadcaster Steve Kerr signed a whopping 5 year 25 million dollar contract last week ...

It is rather interesting that ex broadcaster Steve Kerr signed a whopping 5 year 25 million dollar contract last week with the Golden State Warriors. That is a huge deal for a man who never coached a day in his life. As our good friend ESPN’s Stephen A Smith pointed out, what is that made Kerr such a hot commodity?  The rumor mill told us that Kerr was destined for New York to be aligned with his former coach Phil Jackson with whom he won championships. It made sense because Kerr knows Jackson’s triangle offense and if Phil wants him then surely it must mean there is some serious potential in Kerr and other NBA teams noticed as well. No one has an issue with Kerr’s potential to be a good coach, certainly we all see it. However 25 million on his first shot out the box? Ex Warriors Coach Mark Jackson the man whom Kerr replaced in Golden State and similarly had no previous head coaching experience received a 4-year $8 million deal in 2011. Significantly less than Kerr’s deal. How about the Nets Jason Kidd who signed a 4 year 10.5 million deal? What is the difference between those guys qualifications and Kerr’s to justify him making so much more cash than almost everyone else? The Kings’ Mike Malone signed a three year contract with a one year option worth around 9 million in 2013. The Grizzlies gave Dave Joerger a 4 year deal worth 8M. Charlotte signed Steve Clifford for 2 years at 4 million. Peanuts compared to Kerr’s mega deal. Is Kerr’s previous GM experience that valuable? Maybe but I rather doubt that is what got him such an astronomical contract. Somehow Steve Kerr with no head coach experience is already on Doc Rivers block, please somebody explain that to me.

ESPN’s Smith named several experienced ex NBA coaches who did not get a look and I have to wonder what’s up with that? Guys like Avery Johnson who coached the Dallas Mavericks to the NBA finals, Lionel Hollins longtime headman in Memphis, former Coach of The Year Sam Mitchell, recently fired former Knicks coach Mike Woodson just to name a few. I wonder how many NBA franchises are dialing up these guys with a deal similar to Kerr’s 25 million. Stan Van Gundy just got the farm to run the ship in Detroit but again, Van Gundy is very experienced as a Coach and yet he gets to run basketball operations as well. It would be nice to see an African American coach get a similar big money deal. One guy that has a shot at “Steve Kerr money” is Connecticut Huskies head coach Kevin Ollie. Ollie just led a 7th seed to the NCAA championship, his name is on several team’s wish list. According to the Akron Beacon Journal’s Jason Lloyd “One source with knowledge of at least one team’s coaching search said Ollie will want a contract larger than the 5 year 25 million deal the Golden State Warriors handed Steve Kerr” I will assume should Ollie accept an NBA job, he will indeed get a salary that is comparable to Kerr’s. Good for him to know his value and worth at the moment, let us see if these NBA teams share the same sentiment. If they do not, the question will need to be asked, what is the difference?