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Miami Times staff report | 5/29/2014, 9 a.m.

Miami Jackson’s Class of 1974 will celebrate their 40th class reunion May 19-25. Call 305-688-6806 or 305-992-4986.

Miami Northwestern’s Class of 6T6 will host a dance on May 31. Call 305-333-8539.

The Parkway Junior/Middle Alumni Association will have a luncheon 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Sat., June 7 at Parkway Middle Community School. Call 305-624-9613 Ext 2207.

Pillars of Strength no. 2 Masonic Lodge will host its 4th annual Father’s Day party boat fishing trip in June. Call 305-254-6610.

Smaart America Charities Inc. will hold reading readiness classes for children entering kindergarten, first and second grade and Algebra 1 for 8th graders every Saturday from June 8 through August 8. Call 1-888-620-5464.

The South Florida Alumni Chapter of North Carolina Central University will host Region III Conference and 8th Annual Golf Tournament, June 12, 13 and 14 in Coral Springs, FL. Detail information can be obtained at www.nccusouthflorida.org or nccuaasfc@bellsouth.net

Miami Northwestern’s Class of 1972 will be having their 60th Birthday Party, June 21, Contacts for info: Albert 305-542-8810, Clarateen 305-790-8168 or Cynthia 786-271-6732.

Knoxville College, a 138-year-old HBCU, asks its alumni, friends and the public to help it survive by donating to its urgent campaign to raise 650,000 by June. Call 305-915-7175.

Booker T. Washington will take a bus trip to Atlanta Aug. 29-31. Call 786-715-5662 or 305-696-4601.

Range Park is offering free self-defense karate classes, Mon. and Wed., Contact Clayton at 305-757-7961.

S.E.E.K., Inc. will feed the homeless in the City of Overtown every first Saturday at 14-15 St. and 1st Ave. Call 678-462-9794.

The Miami Alumni Chapter Tennessee State University meets every third Saturday at Piccadilly Restaurant in Hialeah. Call 954-435-5391.    

Miami Northwestern Sr. High’s Class of 1961 meets noon every second Tuesday at the Gwen Cherry Park NFL Yet Center. Call 305-685-8035.  

n Booker T. Washington’s Class of 1967 meets every third Saturday at the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center. Call 305-333-7128.

Alabama State University Miami Alumni Chapter meets every second Sat. at Piccadilly’s restaurant in Palm Springs Mall in Hialeah. All alumni are encouraged to attend. Call 305-651-4319.

Miami Jackson’s Class of 1971 meets every first Sat. at Gwen Cherry Park NFL/YET (meeting area). Call 305-696-0706 or 305-778-0105.

Miami Jackson’s Class of 1979 is celebrating their 35th class reunion in June. Call 305-610-9868.

The Joint Alumni Coalition, Inc. meets every 2nd Sat of each month at the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center in Liberty City. Call 786-470-7334.

Miami Central’s Class of 1980 will meet on the first Tuesday of each month at Miami Central’s Media Center Library to plan their upcoming 35th reunion. Call 954-439-5361.

The Women’s friends group of Miami is looking for mature women to share their experiences, travel, socialize, learn, grow, network and support each other. Call 786-759-2597.

Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc. meets 10 a.m. every second Saturday at the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center. Call 305-439-5426.

National Council of Negro Women, Inc. will host the Umbrella Awards Luncheon 11 a.m. May 31 at Tony’s Banquet Hall. Call 305-754-6146.

The South Florida Alumni Chapter of North Carolina Central University meets every second Saturday at Prince J’s Restaurant in Miami Gardens or via audio conference. Detail information can be obtained at www.nccusouthflorida.org or nccuaasfc@bellsouth.net

There is an essay contest for full-time college students with a grand prize of $200. Call 954-699-8444 or email troylfields@bellsouth.net.

Liberty Square Project Friends and Family reunion Inc. will have a picnic at Arcola Park in July. Call 305-696-1819 or 305-333-8539.

The Miami Carol City Class of 1969 meets every second Saturday of the month at Piccadilly’s restaurant on Hollywood Blvd. Call 786-419-3166.

AmeriCorps provides math and reading tutoring for Miami-Dade County Public Schools at Gwen Cherry Park. Call 305-694-4889 ext. 224.

North Shore Medical Center Presents a lecture on emergency preparedness June 25 at 5:30 p.m. Call 1-800-984-3434.