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The Paynes working in and outside the four walls

Gigi Tinsley | 5/29/2014, 9 a.m.
Bruce Payne was born in Miami and grew up in Overtown. He graduated from the historical Booker T. Washington Senior ...
Bruce and Jandra Payne

Bruce Payne was born in Miami and grew up in Overtown. He graduated from the historical Booker T. Washington Senior High School and studied at Miami Dade College. Payne retired in 2010 from Miami-Dade County as an Electronic Supervisor. During his tenure with the county he maintained communications for The Metrorail and received numerous accommodations from the ESP program with Metro Dade for various inventions.

Payne began his Christian journey at Crooms’ Temple Church of God In Christ in 1973. In 1980 he was ordained an elder during the Jurisdictional Convention, under the leadership of Bishop Jacob Cohen. In 1984 he organized the Gospel of Christ Deliverance Center in Hollywood, FL. He relocated to Miami in 1993, started the Greater Victory Ministries at 7654 NW 17th Pl. as its pastor.

“During the early years, there was much poverty in the community,” Payne said. “Responding to the need within the area surrounding Victory, we began feeding the homeless.”

When Payne heard that Habitat for Humanity was interested in coming into the area, he became a strong supporter. He has been an advocate in the community through participation in the Toys for Tots Marine program, family counseling, the annual “Fun In the Son” block party, and as a mentor to young men and boys.

Recently Payne instituted several community initiatives which include music and arts. Jazz In The City is one of those initiatives. On Saturday, May 22 at the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center (AHCAC), the Paynes sponsored a very successful free-to-the-public program that afforded talented and upcoming singers and musicians an opportunity to showcase their gifts and talents to the community.

“The Paynes are a couple that loves the Lord and people,” Reverend Yvonne Strachan, an instructor of drama and the spoken word at AHCAC said. “I don’t take lightly individuals I endorse. They are not just Sunday morning, Wednesday night pastors. Their aim is to instruct and help lead the whole person in getting and maintaining a relationship with the Lord,” she added.

Payne is an experienced teacher of biblical principles for finances. As a result many made statements and gave testimonials of their receiving: higher credit scores, getting financing for homes, purchasing automobiles, lower interest rates, entrepreneurial endeavors, and debts paid out.

During 2012, Payne revealed a new directive, a new vision, and a new focus. From this new endeavor came New Life Christian Center, Inc. at the same address.

Pastor Bruce and his wife, Pastor Jandra say that they are “both equipped with the apostolic anointing to bring disciples into the Kingdom.” They have more than 40 years of experience in ministry. Jan is a gifted psalmist, preacher and entrepreneur. She holds a degree in Health Service Administration and is a consultant helping consumers navigate the health care system. As the CEO of IAMC, Jandra speaks on topics such as Medicare and Medicaid.

The Paynes support and nurture both national and international evangelism. “They truly take ministry outside of the four walls,” proclaim the Pastor’s Appreciation Committee.

The Paynes can be reached at (786) 536-9039 or email: cuatnewlife@gmail.com.