Students awarded scholarships by Miami Bayside Foundation

Opportunities given for students to attend MDC, FMU and FIU

Ashley Montgomery | 5/29/2014, 9 a.m.
Sometimes all it takes is a little teamwork to get the ball rolling. The Miami Bayside Foundation did just that ...
Miami Northwestern seniors received scholarships to further education.

Sometimes all it takes is a little teamwork to get the ball rolling. The Miami Bayside Foundation did just that when it created a scholarship endowment last week.

The Foundation has partnered with Miami Dade College (MDC), Florida Memorial University (FMU) and Florida International University (FIU).



Twenty-six high school seniors from 10 area schools were awarded $1,000 scholarships on May 22 at Miami City Hall. The endowment will help thousands of students with financial aid in years to come, according to the Foundation’s website.

“Our main concern is the ‘brain drain’ — this is something that we cannot deny,” Raquel Regalado, Miami-Dade County school board member said.

Regalado is a strong advocate for minority children in the county. She played a major role in this procurement of this endowment.

“We [M-DCPS] have proven that we are open to public and private organizations,” she said. “Because of Bright Futures scholarships, some kids think they don’t need scholarships, but they forget that they still have other expenses associated with college.”

With recent changes made to the Bright Future’s Scholarship program requirements (ACT and SAT scores needed are now significantly higher from a 22 to 26 and a 1020 to 1170 respectively) minorities are now less likely to receive the scholarship. According to statistics, Blacks and Hispanics have historically scored the lowest.

“There’s a gap in readiness,” Regalado said. “Your likelihood is very high compared to [the success] of your parents and unfortunately a lot of kids miss out because they don’t have that infrastructure.”

The Miami Bayside Foundation worked with College Assistance Program (CAP) Advisors from various schools in the county to spread word about the scholarship’s application process.

In the last three years the Foundation has provided 225 scholarships to City of Miami students at MDC, FIU and FMU, their website reads. This program gave students the chance to not only access resources that were not previously available to them, but to also create a pay-it-forward mentality.

“Our aim at the Miami Bayside Foundation is to help minority businesses get off the ground or to the next level and distribute scholarships to deserving students in the City of Miami,” Kathleen Murphy, executive director of the Foundation said.

“The 26 scholarship recipients are admirable and we’re very pleased to support their continued education.”

The Foundation is a nonprofit established in 1986. It has created and administers loan programs for City of Miami minority businesses, funds scholarships endowments and gifts programs for City of Miami minorities studying entrepreneurship and business and provides training and technical assistance to minority businesses.

For more information, visit miamibaysidefoundation.org.