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Closed housing projects to blame for crime in Miami Gardens

City officials said with the planned redevelopment of Liberty Square, they are monitoring movements

Miami Gardens residents like to talk, especially when they socialize. When the talk is about crime in the area many residents say the same thing — that the increase in crime can be blamed on displaced housing projects residents. The residents say after the Scott-Carver projects residents were forced to move out and relocate from their Liberty City homes, they saw a spike in crime from outsiders. Anthony Joshua who has lived in Miami Gardens since he was 3-years-old, believes many of those “lost” residents move to Miami Gardens. “When the Scotts were closed everyone moved north,” Joshua, now 27, said. “Not only did they move north, they moved north with their crime, with their robberies, with their killings, and that made Miami Gardens have one of the highest crime rates.”

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Million Man March returns for Justice or Else

Minister Louis Farrakhan will promote historical 20th anniversary in Miami

Twenty years ago, the National Mall was filled with countless Black men who stood together at the Million Man March, seeking a positive change in their lives, their communities and their nation. Most attendees described the historic event as impactful and life changing. But many agree it is time to take a stand once again today. Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam certainly agrees and has once again organized the Million Man March, on its 20th anniversary.

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West Grove gets official visitor center

With a growing number of locals and visitors seeking to experience and explore Miami’s vibrant multicultural heritage neighborhoods, on Monday the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau launched the Coconut Grove Village West Visitor Center inside KROMA gallery, a communal art space. The new visitor center will provide visitors and residents with a resource for

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Prisoner fathers reunite with their children

Children of Inmates program arranges reunions at 14 prisons

Warnisha Davis hadn't seen her father in six years. The 16-year-old was teary-eyed when she saw him last Wednesday at the Everglades Re-Entry Center, a correctional facility for prisoners who have three or less years left on their prison sentences. "It's been so long since I've seen him. I'm crying, but they are happy tears," said Warnisha. Warren Harris, who is serving a 13-year prison sentence for armed burglary, couldn't believe his eyes. "I almost didn't recognize her," said Harris, who is scheduled to be released in 2017. "My little girl has grown up so much. She's a beautiful, young woman."

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Let there be activism of all kinds

There is a lot of talk about activism lately—who is doing it right, who is representing whom and who is using activism to advance themselves. There are even groups that have formed to condemn other activists such as Mothers Against Al Sharpton. At least there is activism. After the Civil Rights Movement died down, the “Flower Children” of the Woodstock generation carried on a different type of activism. Then they had to grow up, leave their mud pits, exchange sandals for stilettos, be parents and form companies. A deep silence followed at the same time when reform after reform worked against Black folk. Prison sentences got

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North Miami city council condemns Dominican Republic

Officials urge Obama administration to make sanctions for citizens of Haitian descent

North Miami elected officials are calling out the Dominican Republic for the act of approving a law that will make citizens of Haitian descent be deported if they cannot prove their Dominican ethnicity. The city council is also calling out the Obama Administration for keeping silent on the matter they call a human rights issue. The charge, led by councilman Alix Desulme, is to bring attention to matter happening on the island nation, where the councilman and many of North Miami residents have family and friends who will be affected.

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Food trucks invade Miami Gardens park

Miami Gardens residents enjoy food trucks and movie in the park

Miami Gardens' residents enjoyed a night out in the city while dining on eats from local food trucks, which included some southern, Mexican, Italian and Caribbean cuisine along with choices for desserts. The event, sponsored by City Councilman Rodney Harris, took place Friday evening at Rolling Oaks Park. It was a partnership with Food Truck Invasion, a company that organizes and brings local

City of Miramar proposes higher tax rate

Fire and stormwater assessments to go up, too

The city of Miramar held a special City Commission meeting on Wednesday, July 15, to set the city’s proposed tax rate for Fiscal Year 2015-16, as well as to set the estimated assessment rate for Fire Protection Services and to set the estimated rate for Stormwater assessment. The last city meeting was held on Wednesday, July 2, to discuss the budget and related assessment rates. Most cities are having these meetings to discuss the budget and assessments as a look ahead to approving the municipalities budgets, which will take place in September.

Scott could appoint a Black circuit judge to bench

Black bar associations launch judicial diversity initiative

Names of a Black lawyer and a Black judge have been sent to Gov. Rick Scott as possible replacements for retiring Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Victoria Sigler. Ayana Harris, an assistant federal public defender, and County Court Judge Wendell Mitchell Graham are among the six candidates the 11 Circuit Court Judicial Nominating Commission (JNC) sent to the governor July 9 for consideration to fill Sigler’s post. The move has proved what minority bar associations have always known: Candidates of color are qualified for such posts. “There are always qualified candidates who are willing to throw their names in the ring,” said attorney Loreal Arscott, who is president of the Gwen S. Cherry Black Women Lawyers Association. “The JNC moves fast and right now we are waiting to hear who will be selected from the six candidates to get interviews with the governor.”

Smiley: Dr. King’s speeches brought him back to life

Tavis Smiley headlines the South Florida Book Fair at the African American Research Library last weekend

The South Florida Book Fair, an annual event held for book lovers and friends, took place at the African American Resource Library and Cultural Center on Sistrunk Blvd., on Friday, July 17 and Saturday, July 18, with authors that delighted, tantalized and made people think. A meet and greet event was held on Friday night, with the book fair concluding on Saturday night with a chef smack down with all kinds of comfort foods, cheese cake, macaroni and cheese and wings. A huge draw at the event was commentator and author Tavis Smiley, who signed books on Friday night and spoke and signed books on Saturday. Another not-to-miss panel was about Black interactions with law enforcement and the criminal justice system, entitled “Helping Navigate the Criminal Justice System.”

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Pizza citation for doing the right thing

The cops, including the police chief went to Charles Hadley Park on Thursday looking for Jacob Lofton. Jacob, a sophomore at Northwestern High School, received a citation for free pizza through a partnership between the city of Miami Police Department, Do The Right Thing Inc., and Papa John’s Pizza.

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MNHS celebrates 60th anniversary

Gala, induction and memorial services part of festivities that start next month

They opened the doors in late Autumn of 1955 when racial discrimination remained dominate in America. The U.S. Supreme Court had made its ruling in the landmark case, Brown v. Board (Kansas) Education May 17, 1954, a mere 15 months earlier, striking down the principle and practice of "Separate but equal" in public schools. Now, the school that opened its doors as Northwestern High School in September 1955 is celebrating its 60th anniversary with a yearlong series of events beginning Aug. 1.

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Pastor of the Week: Pastor Jeffrey L. Mack: Serving for the Lord

Second Canaan’s pastor serves as president of FECDC of Christian Education

Reverend Jeffrey L. Mack is president of the Florida East Coast District Congress of Christian Education and pastor of Second Canaan Missionary Baptist Church. The Congress convened on Sunday at the Baptist Church, located at 4343 NW 17th Ave., Miami, with an Oratorical Contest. The Congress will continue through Thursday at New Canaan and will conclude on Friday evening, with a youth pageantry. The pageantry will be at New Birth Baptist Church, at 13500 NW 22nd Ave., where Bishop Victor T. Curry, is pastor.

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A wedding at the hospital

Ryder Trauma Center patient marries his longtime fiancé in ceremony at JMH

It was a chance meeting on a street in Indonesia when James Brown and Eva Meiningsih saw each other for the first time in 2007. He was there working as a consultant for a furniture business, and she was a local street vendor selling clothes. The two hit it off immediately and, within six months, they were engaged to be married.

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Lifestyle Happenings

Inner City Children’s Touring Dance will have free Introductory Classical Ballet Workshops for girls ages 6-8 and 9-12 on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Call 305-758-1577 or visit www.childrendance.net. Miami Northwestern Class of 1995 is celebrating its 20th year reunion July 24 – 26. Call 786 -873-6353, 786- 356-9263 or visit the class Facebook page.

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Music, art comes to overtown

Festival to include performances by Mya, Carl Thomas and Raheem devaughn

More than 5,000 people came to the corner of Northwest Third Avenue and 11th Street last summer to enjoy live R&B music at the Overtown Music and Arts Festival. Headliner Market Group, in conjunction with the Southeast Overtown Park West Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), were responsible for last’s year’s show. Once again, the two organizations are preparing a day where local businesses can boom, local art can be seen and live music can be heard, as the Overtown Music and Arts Festival takes place Saturday, July 25. “This is a day where everyone can come together for free to celebrate the good times we have today and what we will have tomorrow in Overtown,” said City of Miami Commissioner Keon Hardemon.

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Miami Bahamas Junkanoo parade and street festival commence July 25

The island nation and others have rebranded and expanded the former Goombay festival

For more than a month now the islands of the Bahamas have been celebrating their 42nd Independence in South Florida with Junkanoo-themed events, church services and family-fun days. As part of the festivities, the Grand Bahama Youth Chorale entertained a crowd of over 200 people July 16 in the Lehman Theater at Miami Dade College North campus. The hour-and-a-half set was filled with gospel and Bahamian music. Choir director Kevin Tomlinson said this year’s independence theme is “Our Children, Our Future.” “Our message here in the choir is together as one,” he said about the theme relating to their mantra. “These children will not become statistics in the Bahamas.”

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Obama silent on stateless Dominicans

Politicians, activists want President to stop Dominican Republic’s denationalization policies

The silence from Congress, the U.S. State Department and President Barack Obama is troubling on civic and human rights violation by the Dominican Republic against Haitian-descendents living in Dominican Republic, said politicians, human rights activists and lawyers. On a conference call Thursday, Congresswoman Frederica Wilson and human rights activists told representatives from the state department that stripping aways citizenship from Haitians by the

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National Urban League Conference convenes in Broward

2016 presidential candidates will speak on opening day in Broward

A chance to hear from some of the candidates seeking the 2016 presidential nomination from their parties comes to South Florida at the 2015 National Urban League Conference at the end of July. The four-day conference, from July 29-Aug. 1, provides a chance for locals to gain professional development and to network with individuals from major companies.

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Miami Worldcenter wins again

County commission approves Community Development District amidst opposition

Miami-Dade County Commissioners voted 12-0 to approve a Community Development District for the Miami Worldcenter. The proposal of the Miami Worldcenter CDD brought dozens of concerns citizens and community members who wanted their voices heard on the matter – people who stood on both sides of the debate. Commissioners moved forward with the CDD, despite the opposition.

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