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‘Something just ain’t right’ in Opa-locka

Something is terribly amidst in the City of Opa-locka and something needs to be done about it. There’s no doubting that I’m a big supporter of Mayor Myra Taylor and everyone in the city knows it but when things start happening and the veil is being slowly removed to show what is truly going in Opa-Locka it will make you look at the situation for what it is truly is. As the information concerning what really happened in Opa-locka comes out it’s only going to show that even though former City Manager Kelvin Baker signed off on it, the question is where did his marching orders came from. “Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm,” is what the scripture says but the more you look into the budget the more Keith Sweat’s voice pops into my head saying, “Something, something, something, something just ain’t right.”

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Our dirty needle problem

An exchange program could save tax payers millions and curb drug users’ infections

An exchange program could save tax payers millions and curb drug users’ infections

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City dumps two firms over lack of diversity

The city of Miami Gardens City Council delivered two bold moves at its last meeting of September: Diversity is a priority when doing business with the city.

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Overtown wins zoning battle

When Overtown residents packed Miami City Hall last week, they came loaded with questions and history. Several speakers chided commissioners for a plan to encroach upon a neighborhood that over the last 50 years has been decimated by Interstate 95 and gentrification.

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Educating the community about breast cancer

North Shore Hospital wants to raise awareness

Jacquetta “Jet” Latimore takes seriously her job as an imaging specialist at North Shore Medical Center. She’s particularly passionate about easing fears over a procedure that many women dread – mammograms. “As an African American female, a lot of times I see our women perish because of lack of knowledge,” Latimore said. “I feel compelled to reach out to as many women as I can.” In October, Latimore and her colleagues are hosting activities during Breast Cancer Awareness Month to educate their patients and the surrounding community about a condition that strikes Black women disproportionately. The message they want to hammer home: they want more women to lived. “We’re focus on early detection, women’s health and making sure women who are at risk continue to stay cancer free,” said Barbara Plizga, director of marketing.

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Statement from President Dr. Elmira Mangum on the passing of Sybil C. Mobley

The Sybil C. Mobley School of Business and Industry was created in 1974 by founding Dean Sybil C. Mobley. She started her career at FAMU in 1963 when there was no business school, established an accredited program, gathered educated and experienced staff and faculty and shaped a business school that occupies more than 130,000 square feet. Her dedicated service spanned 40 years.

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Remembering Civil Rights Activist Connie Tucker

Today we remember civil rights activist Connie Tucker.

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Rochelle Lightfoot selected to travel to DC to perform the national anthem

Native Miami Artist, Rochelle Lightfoot, "The Sweetheart of Song" was present at this year's Congressional Black Caucus convention and was selected by the Caucus Board to kick off the 30th Annual Jazz Concert Celebration for Congressman Conyers.

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Viral Vybez

If it's viral, it's here!

In today's Viral Vybez, Rick Ross is off the market ladies, Pastor Jamal Bryant drops out of congressional race, Empire season 2 comes back with a bang and more!!

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Keep your hands off Overtown, residents warn

City Commission backs off plan to rename part of historic neighborhood

Angry Overtown residents packed Miami Commission chambers late Thursday afternoon to hammer at lawmakers over a zoning plan they say encroaches on their neighborhood and will drive out more poor people. City commissioners were set to approve a proposal to rezone a parcel of land from industrial to mixed use as part of the Wynwood Business Improvement District. The proposal would also create a new advisor committee related to development of the area. But before they could, Overtown activists and old-timers took to the mike to slam the plan. They accused city commissioners of creating a zoning map that brings Wynwood to Northwest 20th Street, which is long considered in their neighborhood.

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Shady redistricting plan by the GOP

Republican lawmaker says inmates key to defeating Corrine Brown

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FAMU to host weekend of family, food, fun, and appreciation

This weekend, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) has a lot to celebrate.

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Opa-locka needs serious help with budgeting

Opa-locka for the third year in a row will end the fiscal year with a deficit. A city manager who tried to preach reason about the city’s spending habits has resigned. A new city manager, with a questionable past, especially in the area of managing public money, has taken the reigns. Many residents are outraged. And, rightly so.

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Street renaming black eye for commissioners

Missteps and mistakes have been the hallmark of county leaders these days. In recent weeks, short-sidedness about fairness and ignorance about diversity have plagued County Hall. On Sept. 1, some county leaders decided to name a street in West Miami-Dade after a developer whose companies had faced three housing discrimination law suits, one whose

Do Black lives matter to all of us Blacks?

I’ve come to realize over the years that the era of slavery and civil rights were more than just suppression. Though those seasons were plagued with horrific travesties that we, as a community will never forget, that time forced us to depend upon one another, to be united and on one accord. We’ve come to a point in time, where despite gaining civil liberties, we have forgotten core family values. As a community, we find ourselves demeaning and

Redistricting: Do right; Respect the voters

The Legislature was called into special session for 12 days in August, responding to the Florida Supreme Court and its July ruling that declared the congressional district maps drawn by the House and Senate unconstitutional. The court invalidated the entire

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ALC CBC 2015 Weekend Recap

Congresswoman Wilson welcomes long list of South Floridians

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Anxiety can overwhelm your life in so many different ways

I walked out to the study to escort my next patient into the office. He was 19. When I walked to the study, I expected to see him waiting alone.  He sat with his parents — a Black male appearing his stated age, of Jamaican and Haitian descent. He was dressed in basketball shorts and T-shirt.  He looked at me directly, maintained eye contact and followed me back to my office.

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Selloane sings at Cirque Du Soleil

Welkom, South Africa’s voice behind Cirque Du Soleil’s ‘La Nouba’

Attending the circus is a familiar part of American culture and arguably a childhood must. But a new trend under the big top exists with the innovation of Cirque Du Soleil’s “La Nouba” at Walt Disney World Resort. The extraordinary, Quebec-based experience defies tradition and will mesmerize every generation with sunbursts of colorful imagination and a

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‘Hoops to Hippos!’ a big treat for kids

NBA player Boris Diaw shares stories of wildlife, photography

Peanut butter and jelly. Bacon and eggs. Rock & roll, Mario & Luigi, whip & nae nae, Batman & Robin. Some things just naturally go together; they belong in pairs. And for NBA player and author Boris Diaw, there are two things he likes to add together. Read “Hoops to Hippos!” (with Kitson Jazynka), and see what they are.

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