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FAMU settles hazing lawsuit

Family receives apology and $1.1M payout.

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Remarks by President Obama and his holiness Pope Francis at arrival ceremony

Remarks provided by the White House from today's arrival ceremony on White House South lawn.

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When it comes to diseases of the brain, #IamStigmaFree

Growing up with two parents who were natives of Mississippi taught me a lot about mental illness — unbeknownst to me — until I was a student studying to become a medical doctor. I realized that my father was a narcissist and my mother endured depression as a result of being reared in Jonestown, Mississippi. I was a

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Ministers watch over crime and social justice

West Grove reports no murders so far this year, but 15 people shot

West Grove reports no murders so far this year, but 15 people shot

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Street renamed for late developer with racist past

Fourth lawsuit filed against companies; county leaders distance themselves

A decision earlier this month by the Miami-Dade County Commission to honor a well-known developer, whose companies have drawn several housing discrimination complaints, has outraged the Black commissioners. Adding insult to injury was a lawsuit that sprang up on Monday against the company founded by Jose Milton, whose named was added to a section of a West Miami-Dade street by a 7-4 vote of the commission on Sept. 1.

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South Floridians invited to Million Man March

Get on the bus for the Million Man March

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Fannett Clark Lyons turns 102

On Monday, Sept. 14, family and friends honored Fannett Clark Lyons , the day she reached this auspicious milestone in her exciting and beautiful life.

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The miracle on 119th Street remembered

Pastor credits prayer for saving property from being repossessed

Pastor credits prayer for saving property from being repossessed. The Taylors believe in miracles.

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Northside Transit Village answered tenants’ prayers

Affordable housing units are near bus, rail lines

As contractors, county and financial leaders patted themselves on the back in sweltering heat for completing their work, Andrea Coney longed to return to the comfort of her new apartment. Coney and her family are among 160 families who were fortunate to win a lottery to reside at Northside Transit Village, a new affordable housing community just north of Brownsville.

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Driven to suspension

Fees, recessions and laws lead to suspended licenses in the county

For a little more than four years, Theryn McCray lived without a valid driver’s license, not because she wanted to break the law but because she couldn’t afford to pay her tickets. “Three fifty cent tolls tallied up to $695.10,” said McCray, the mother of five who was taking care of her mother and had just given birth to her youngest child when the toll violations piled up on her four years ago. She wasn’t receiving her mail and therefore wasn’t being notified of the fines.

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National conference draws local Black Republicans

GOP seeks to reach more Black and other minority candidates, voters

A small contingent of Black Republicans from South Florida had the honor of traveling to the country’s capitol last weekend to work on a framework for the future and in particular the upcoming election in November of 2016. The event, the Black Leadership Team Conference, was held in the nation’s capital on Sept. 10 and 11, and was a way for the National Republican Party to find out the pulse of what was going on in communities throughout the nation.

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Restore and maintain Lincoln Memorial Park Cemetery

Lincoln Memorial Park Cemetery, 3002 NW 46th St., in Brownsville was once cited by the NAACP’s “Crisis Magazine” in the 1950s as “the most beautiful Negro-owned cemetery in the South.” Purchased in 1924 by Dr. Kelsey L. Pharr, senior funeral director, entrepreneur and philanthropist, it is the final home for many Black pioneers and contributors to the building and development of early Miami-Dade County.

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Protect your family during flu season

Jackson clinics offer flu vaccines

Flu season is almost here – and now is the time for you to plan how to protect yourself and your loved ones from this serious, highly contagious illness.

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Same treatment for Blacks as given to Hispanics on no-bid items

Election time is approaching and our community needs to know their real friends. As I watched the Miami-Dade County’s Aug. 27 Trade and Tourism Committee meeting unfold, I was unable to fathom the inequity of quickly approving no-bid items for three Hispanic groups while Mayor Carlos Gimenez vigorously opposed an item for one local group with highly visible African-American partner participation.

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Local HistoryMakers to give life lessons

South Floridian achievers will speak to students as part of national showcase

Evan Forde remembers the time at age 15 when he was pulled from his family’s burning home in Bunche Park. As he sat on the grass with second-degree burns on his face, he realized he hadn’t lived up to his parents’ expectations. “I decided then that people would know I’ve been here,” he said. What he did was go on to Columbia University in New York, with a major in oceanography. Today, he is an acclaimed scientist noted for his hurricane research at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Miami.

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Black Lives Matter to the Black community, citizens

Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it, the bible passage implores. A lot of mothers know exactly what their sons are doing but are going to protect the child they carried for nine months because, as we’ve all heard before, “that’s still my baby.”

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Moses Hillman celebrates 100 years with family and friends

A man with a very quiet and humble spirit, and he always put his family first

At least 200 people attended a 100-year-old birthday bash for Moses Hillman Saturday, Sept. 12 at the Miami Shores Country Club. The theme of the party was the Greatest Gift We Ever Had He Came From God And We Call Him Dad. “It is the best gathering of all his friends, his church members, the longshoremen,” said his daughter, Margaret Hillman.

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Liberty Square finally gets free Wi-Fi services

200 residents online due to collaborative effort with Miami-Dade County and FIU

History was made last Wednesday when 200 Liberty Square residents were able to log into Wi-Fi via their mobile devices and computers. It was another incremental fix to Liberty Square, which is slated for a complete overhaul. To see the launch of connectivity were Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez, Deputy Mayor Russell Benford, Commissioner Audrey Edmonson, District 3, Liberty City Trust President and CEO Elaine H. Black and Florida International University (FIU) President Mark B. Rosenberg.

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Sphinx Virtuosi ensemble to play South Florida

Free concert at New World Center available to community

In the crook of the girl’s neck sat the violin. With her hand she controlled the bow, which kissed the strings and created sounds that were more advanced than her 15 years. Youth like Hannah White are exceptional people who bring a level of excellence to classical music. That’s at least what Howard Herring, president and CEO of the New World Symphony, had to say of the youthful players of the Sphinx Virtuosi, who will have a two-day residency at the New World Symphony.

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Cecile McLorin-Salvant’s ‘For One To Love’

Album is most personal thing she has recorded

Cecile McLorin-Salvant’s album, “For One To Love,” dropped last week. This is the 26-year-old singer-songwriter’s second album for the Mack Avenue Records label. She is a Miami native. McLorin-Salvant says of her new release: “This album is the most personal thing I’ve done or recorded since I started singing. The songs I wrote are declarations of love, like journal or diary entries, very personal.”

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